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AM Plazma Protocol & 10 Day Layers


So here is what I'm looking at. I already got a partial approval on my supplementation but any pointers will definitely be considered. Just wondering where to put my first MAG-10 as some articles/forums don't show it prior to AM workouts due to time constraints. I also don't have any Finibars but I do have a few boxes of drive bars.

Wake Up : 5 AM - Indigo 3g (6) immediately upon waking
5:15 AM - Pre-Load Plazma (1 serving)
5:40 AM - Workout (2 servings)
6:40 AM - finish workout
7:40 AM - MAG-10 (Almonds)
9:00 AM - post workout meal or MAG-10?
12:00 PM - meal
3:00 PM - meal
5:00 PM - stretching/minor aerobic workout with the girlfriend
7:00 PM meal

I plan to do the 10 day layer system, starting each morning with a few sets of box jumps, 20-30 total jumps

I also don't have a prowler for day 5 so I was thinking about replacing that with suicide sprints?

I'm also looking for some good post workout meal ideas to hit these calorie marks shown on the Plazma store page, any suggestions. I was just going to eat a lot of chicken and spinach.

How many grams of almonds to eat for the snacks?

Is there an optimal time to eat drive bars or should i just have them when I crave a snack at my desk job?


my schedule is similar in the first part.
post session Mag-10 is 15-30 minutes later. thats the time it takes me to get to my office.
then 30-60 later i have another Mag-10
30-60 is another Mag-10 or a meal depending on how i feel.
during the day it somewher is a third Mag-10. butnot always.
1 or2 bars depending on how hungry and how busy i am, and how late im working.
evening is a meal and
Mag-10- anywhere between 1 and 4 pulses. one before bed for sure.

almonds, i believe meadows says a “handful of nuts”

it took me months to figure out what worked for me. and on any given day, i may or may not need to modify it.