Am I Wrong?

Hi Folks. I have been reading this board for a while, and have decided to join in. Im A 40y old male who has had nothing but pressure all my life. Always on the go work and business wise, and while{mostly) successful in my efforts, the stress over the last few years has been tremendous.

I always trained though, and at 90kg raw and drug free my lifts last year were in kg 210,145,240.
I also too time off the weights7 years ago and trained for the Ironman triathlon, which I did. I also ran a few marathons and then returned to weight training. You get the picture- I now about training.

Anyway, with work and general life strains starting to creep up on me I notices a massive drop in libido in the last few years, as well as a slight case of e.d. [especially in the evenings) I go for a pint or 4 every 3 weeks,so its not that- and my diet is ok. However the body fat started creeping up.

My mood also crashed the last few years.Despite my life going ok- I was nearly going for the prozac.

Instead I took the plunge. 1ml sust 250 every 10 days. Works wonders. none of the peaks and troughs I see mentioned here. 10pc gain in strength, better sleep, burning fat and loving life and sex again.

Is 1 ml every 10 daye to much? seems to be just right for me…

Typical TRT is 100mg T cyp/eth per week. So your dose is a bit heavy.

How long have you been using that?

Whats going on with estradiol?

There is what’s known as a hormone honeymoon phase where everything seems awesome and like it could never end. Being on TRT can really mess you up if you don’t keep things in check physically and mentally. Physically, I would recommend more frequent dosing, E2 monitoring and eventually hCG when the testes atrophy.

Mentally, I would recommend being at least aware that the honeymoon phase may come to an end and depression or whatever you were feeling before can edge back in. You’ll have lots of support here when things go wrong but due diligence and education as well as self monitoring will be important also.

Thanks for the answers and not blazing my ass.

Ok where I live its the dark ages doctor wise. I go in with a sore arm and its “you have to give up that weight lifting at your age”

I will get blazed for this but here is my own self diagnosis.

Despite having good strength levels, a background in martial arts, I was always the emotional weepy guy. The soft touch. It would take me a lot to get upset, and then id usually run away. My brother on the other hand no such training, fat fella but always projected this strength i couldn’t quantify. and it served him well in life. “BALLS” I now put it down to. high test v low test.

Anyway- I waited till kids were out of the way{3) and decided to investigate test at the above dosage. LIFE CHANGING.
Ive been around anavar and dianabol and the likes for years, friends have run stuff on and off, I never did. I used laugh at the yo-yos in the gym going up and down while most of them could not out lift me. Size aint my thing. My one rep max dont bother me, however- I realy enjoy that I have re introduced good cardio( road bike on the hills and bag work 3x a week) while keeping my lifting up 3 x a week.

1ml every 10 days is heavy you say? what about every 14 days? I handle the 10 days without any dips in mood, the half life bro science tells me that the longer esters take 20 days to break down.

IVE BEEN ON FOR 20 WEEKS. bar slight ball shrinkiage I feel great. no tingly nipples(have novla on hand)
I would love to stay on forever…

What exactly are you asking? Is your dose too much? If anyone says yes, (someone already did) will you honestly stop or reduce your dose?

You haven’t provided any baseline bloodwork for reference. No bloodwork while on. No health history. You may have never had low T to begin with. Majority of your posts is gym talk and some chest beating.

Again, what exactly is your question?

Sustanon should be available to us in Canada and the United States.

Chest beating? A lot of my post was about my pussy like mentality which I had most of my life. My lifts are honest , if thats considered chest beating on a site called T-Nation then maybe im barking up the wrong tree.

yes I would reduce my dose.
Whats a safe under the radar dose for trt.
useless question without blood work I now know.- see I Am learning:)

I’m confused as well.

“I’m taking X, I feel great! is it too much?” that’s the summary of your posting.

if you don’t have any labs to compare any numbers, no one can tell you if your dose is causing adverse effects that maybe you can’t feel yet. otherwise, based on the information you have given, the only answer anyone could possibly give you is “ummm…you feel great, so I guess not.”

that said, while I agree with KSman on the 100mg Test Cyp/wk protocol, at least as a pretty good average of what seems to work…Sust 250 seems to be a different beast and from what I found with a little google searching the other day is that 250mg/wk (1ml as it’s dosed) seems to be fairly average for TRT with that particular makeup of Test.

as for your “under the radar” question…I don’t get it. are you trying to use Test without anyone/someone knowing it? of not, what’s the need to be under the radar? “under the radar” is typically pretty synonymous with “without detection”. Perhaps you meant something else.

Thanks for the reply. The under the radar statement was with regards to balooning up like the Michelin man and then deflating.We all know the types. I would love to find my personal balance/sweetspot for continous trt. I am going to get bloods done- I jut have to find a doctor whos young enough to understand my plight. I now know that with out this info my questions are fairly pointless and I thank the board for enduring me.

As I said, I know how to progress my training but its not about that as such.Despite feeling shite for the last few years- I still grinded it out. In reality I suppose I am just amazed at the edge it has given back to me. I am sleeping better, waking up rested. Bought back in serious cardio into my regime.This cant be honeymoon effect after 20 weeks ? its like the grind is gone out of my efforts. Im not noticing very exceptional gains - but I wouldn’t expect to given my cardio .

It feels great to do 3x cardio and 3x weights a week and not feel like the living dead . I am happy with my strength and size. Its about quality of life for me and if it turns out my dose isint safe and has to be lowered then thats fine.

I see no point in being able to deadlift 240kg If I cant cycle my bike a good few miles on the same week.

these small doses we are taking for TRT are not going to cause blowing up like Michillen Man. if anything, elevated E2 can cause some bloat, but that’s not permanent, it subsides when E2 is managed.

over time, TRT generally will result in a leaner, more muscular body, but not to the dramatic degree of steroid cycles. 20 weeks in, you are probably already experiencing this to some degree, over the next few months you would likely see a bit more. You’d need way more T for it to be dramatic. Probably 750mg/wk of the Sust, for reference.

We need to address thyroid and iodine issues here.

Have you used iodized salt for years? [sea salt does not contain iodine!]
do you get cold easily?
What is your body temperature when you first wake up.
What is your body temperature in the middle of the afternoon.
see the thyroid basics sticky
– note the references to stress and adrenal fatigue
see the advice for new guys sticky