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Am I Wrong?


Hey guys,

A couple of days back for English class we had to choose a topic and do a 1000 word discussion on it. I chose to discuss "Why fat models should not be allowed on the cat and why it is not an effective method of fighting anorexia" I also said that fat people should not be proud of their body and should not be encouraged and should in fact be looked down upon.

My teacher and the rest of the class were left shocked most of their jaws dropped to the floor and as my teacher picked her jaw up off the floor she tried to convince not to do such a controversial topic because apparently her daughter is also obese. So I told her to stop feeding her daughter shit and toughen up. I told the class I hate fat people and that I would not choose another topic as I live in a democracy and I have the right to express my anger at fat people who think being 10 sizes too big or not being able to see your own toes is beautiful.

Everyone had a go at me for watching what I eat and obsessing over my body. One girl even said this "how would you feel if I chose to discuss why protein is bad for you?" WTF, I felt like slapping the bitch in the face but didn't :frowning:

Tell me guys, did I do anything wrong?
(btw many people were left almost in tears after my little outburst and no one in my class is fat, that just goes to show how much we accept 'fatism' as our norm these days)


Well, you weren't very tactful. What did you accomplish by acting like an ass?


No you didn't, but don't be surprised if you get a bad mark. The whole point of school is to teach you to be obedient and not to step out of line, make sure you think inside the box and not out of it. It is suppose to prepare you to except a mediocre life and be happy to slave away for practically nothing or at least that is the way I feel. I don't have any empathy for fat people either, I was once 50-60 pounds overweight and I dropped the weight fine, why can't they?


although Im sure everybody on this site most definitely agrees with you,
you have to understand how the rest of the population sees us, I get ripped on by my friends SOOO much for refusing to eat candy, and wanting to go home early from a party just so I can get enough sleep.
Most people think that what we do is not worth it and is way too overkill.
They don't understand the passion that drives us to constantly better ourselves and constantly drive PRs to lockout.

my advice to you is to learn to be situational.
If you are talking to someone who is fat and willing to change, then by all means beat him to death and tell him that it has nothing to do with trying to change your body but actually DOING IT. "do or do not. There is no try"
As for the fat fuckers who enjoy sitting on their couch all day eating shit, so be it.. just be happy your gonna get more poon then them xD

anyway thats just my 2 cents


You'll get better grades if you stay away from such topics. Write happy fuzzy bunny stories aimed at what you think the teacher would like to hear and the grades go to "A"s without having to defend yourself.
I used that tactic in undergrad and grad school and even showed my daughter what I was doing as I made up things about my family and being a single parent and extolled my empathy for female characters of literature overcoming opressive forces in society.

It's up to you, but if you value your GPA and just want to get the hell out of class without causing a ruckus, there are paths of less resistance.



Although you are right, and I agree with you, you have to think of it this way:

What have you gained from doing this?

You are in school to get a good grade. You are not in school to make a point or change the world. You have effectively made everyone in the class mad at you, including the sole-decider of what grade you get in this class.

I always hated kids like you in school who tried so hard to 'be different.'


Erm, at least you stand by your convictions. Maybe obesity is less prevalent in the UK but it really doesn't bother me. I've made a choice to not be that way and I may find them slightly disgusting/hilarious/both, but they can still be good people. I have a few overweight friends and they never try and tell me how protein is so bad etc, if anything they have been very supportive. I agree that fat people shouldn't have this "Screw everyone else, I'm beautiful" thing going on, but it isn't that common in people I know.

As far as your essay title goes I believe your definition of fat and mine are different, most plus-sized models I've seen look pretty good and are far from obese. I'd say if they did decide to lose the weight then most would look amazing. Also you're screen name is pro-bulk so I'm guessing you have no problem with a bit of fat right? If you're essay is on why obese people shouldn't be on the runway then I agree, but I have in no way shape or form ever seen that suggested.


Doesn't sound like he's "trying to be different", sounds to me like he's just writing about something he believes strongly in, whether he's right or wrong it's much better than just being a fucking sheep to get a grade. Why is it that whenever anyone is different, they are "trying" to be that way? If no one plays the devils advocate then how many people ever really think through both sides of the argument?


when people have to change they get scared. brother you did the right thing. when you do your paper throw facts to convince. when argue never say you hate because that right away people turn against you.


There are more tactful ways of voicing your opinion.


School isn't the place to play the devils advocate. There are other, more appropriate mediums for him to do this. School is there for him to show up, show that he can do what he is asked, and get a good grade, allowing him to further his education and better himself. Once he has gone through this process, people may start listening to him.

No one is going to listen to the drop-out who failed because he thought he'de write a clever essay.


Sounds like you're pretty wrong there, bud.

You hating fat people because they're fat is not far off from people hating you (ok, not you) for being muscular.

By not allowing fat people to use public resources funded partially by their own tax dollars, then you are saying you are ok with a government imposed morality. What if the bus system also didn't allow large bodybuilders to ride, would you be ok with that too?

What people do to themselves is their own business. Grow the fuck up.


I think that the topic you chose and having the balls to speak your mind is pretty epic. I tend to agree with your stance in the sense that obese people shouldn't be coddled or told that it's ok to be unhealthy and obese. I do however disagree with feeling as though they should be looked down upon as if they're less of a human simply because they're obese. That's just borderline ignorant.


You're right, I just wish that you weren't. Schools shouldn't be conformity machines, they should encourage you to think. I've seen plenty of people come out of school with A's and B's and not really know anything and plenty of smart people (people probably a whole lot more useful) do worse due to bad relationships with specific teachers and other crappy circumstances. Admittedly most of the smarter people who did badly (well not badly but not an A) did so because they didn't give a shit, something I have been guilty of a lot in the past.


I'm currently in college. I go to school, I suck up and do what I am asked, and I get good grades, who cares if I learn anything?

I don't need to learn anything or voice my opinion in school, I've got the internet for that.


So you're paying for an education that teaches you nothing? I never understood going to college for the sake of going, if you have a passion to study something, then yeah go for it, however if you are going because society is telling you to go and all your friends are going, doesn't that defeat the purpose? Especially if you feel that you aren't learning anything.


Post essay.
Then find research on protein not being bad for you and give it to the girl.


I go to college, because I need a degree to make money in the real world. Yes, I will learn things along the way; how to act, how to interact with people, how to be diligent, how to get work done, etc.

Sure, there is a small chance I could make money without a college degree, but I do understand how statistics work, I'd rather increase my odds.

Do I think it's a bit silly, yes, but it's how it works. I didn't design the system.


I know what you mean, but I don't see it the same way. I feel if I study what interests me (hockey, weight training, philosophy) that I can maximize my chances of doing something that I love and even though I might not make as much money as someone with a "degree." As long as you have a decent understanding and a passion to learn more, I believe you can make it in any field, however if the passion to learn isn't there and you don't truly love what you are doing, what is the point. Maybe some people feel like they need to go to college and get a decent job so they can make a good living, but I would rather have a low paying job that I love, then a high paying one that is a pain the ass to go to every morning.


QFTMFT. Spot on.