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Am I Weird?

Hi people

In the past 3 years i have not gained any major size because i have tried programs with a good amount of volume eg-ABBH, Quatro Dynamo,creation of a t-man,a few of CT’s programs.So for the past 2 weeks i have been training using the following 2x6-10 1x15-20 for every bodypart,only training one bodypart once a week,i train in total 4 days a week. As soon as i went back to this training(this is what i was doing before i tried all these new programs and gained great size)so weighed myself and got out the tape measure and im 5kgs heavier and arms are 1 inch bigger?
So im just a bit confused,the volume seems way to low but it works for me,anybody else have great results from such low volume training or am i just a soft cock who cant handle high volume training?
my stats are as follows
Height:6 feet 4
Weight: 235 pounds
% fat :15
Goal weight:260 pounds

Look foward to hearing ur reply’s


What is your cal intake?

Some of these programs were strength programs…did you ever get an increase in stregth?

The fact that you lowered your vol and gained weight leads me to think that your diet could be the issue. I think we will ne more diet info.

I agree with W. Unless you were a newbie it’d be unlikely you’d gain 5kg in 2 weeks without an overall calorie increase. I’d have have to attribute it to a coincidence you’re overlooking (eating more, sleeping more, less calorie expenditure outside the gym, getting pricked by the steroid fairy, etc.) And yes, like you, I respond better to lower volume AS LONG as I increase my calories. That reminds me, I have to go eat now.

Sounds to me like you weren’t getting enough cals. Maybe once you dropped the work load and intensity down your body was left with the necessary kcals to finally increase in mass.

It’s called concentrated loading followed by a taper…The growth you experienced during your low volume phase was potentiated by the high volume, but you required the lag period for your body to realize the gains. Many have attributed the short term success of HIT style training to this phenomenon, but anyone can take advantage of it…If your gains have slowed on a higher volume protocol, a short-term drop in volume will spur terrific gains.