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Am I Warming-Up Too Much

Hey guys I think that I tend to warm-up too much for deadlifts, so this is what I do:

Chris Duffins active Warm-Up
60kg x12
80kg x10
100kg x6
120kg x4
140kg x2
155kg x1
Top Weight x5

My max is 180kg, so what do you think? am I warming-up too much?

It looks fine to me, how do you feel though? If something ain’t working, change it.

As long as warmups help you perform well for the main work, it should be fine. I used to do a lot of warmup reps with light weights and static stretch but found spending more time with dynamic stretches feels better. I get more blood flow into my shoulders and hips, warm my body up faster and don’t waste much energy getting up to the working sets. Whatever you do for warming up, try it out for a few weeks before changing it because it takes time getting used to it.

If it’s helping you get ready for the work sets, I don’t see an issue. If by the time you’ve rescued the work set you’re tired, its too much.

I use something similar but with way less reps.

For deadlifts if my work set is 225 kg, for example, I’ll probably go


Until very recently I’d just use 20 kg increments above 100 kg but it took too long so I cut it down. That seems to work fine, and I haven’t noticed a difference either way.

For squat I’ll start with the empty bar for a couple of sets, same for bench.

no its fine, if not a good thing -over time will help build tendons and ligaments etc as well as lower chance of injury .

Programs like Westside or mountain dog have you sometimes hit 8-12 sets before you hit your top weight, so not a big deal.

Did you guys see where C.T. recommended the Hermann Goerner grip strength ramp? You just use less fingers to hold the bar on your light warm up sets. So first set, hold the bar with your middle fingers. 2nd set, use two fingers, and so on.

Warming up and ramping up is a personal thing. If you do weight increment that are too small you will be tired at your top set but if you do increments that are too big your top set will feel too heavy and your body will not be ready. It will depend on the exercise, its location in your workout and your objective for this exercise. I don’t think there is anything else.

Your warm-up looks go to me too.

How old are you? I need a lot more warming up than young folks do.

Personally I don’t like high rep sets for warming up on deadlifts. Some reps feel like they turn into RDLs when I have to do that many eccentric portions of the lift. For warm up sets I just like to focus on set up and explosiveness off the floor. Badger mentioned strengthening ligaments and tendons but for that purpose I like doing a higher rep back off set after hitting top weight. Just my .02

The warm-up should not limit your ability to perform your working sets. As long as your warm-up is not doing this, it’s fine. I personally warm up with much much less volume than this, but it’s because my time is limited. On deadlifts, I don’t do any warm up sets over 5 reps, and I’m only doing singles or doubles to warm up once I get to about 300 lbs (my max is high 500’s). Generally, I’ll do about 10-13 total warm-up reps. I also make 90 lbs jumps for each warm-up set, until I reach my working sets.