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Am I Under Eating for Fat Loss?


I'm currently lifting at least 5 days per week and doing the following.

Everyday -> Snatch technique/mobility work, not intensive
Clean to max triple/double/single

M> BS to max single 3x3 at 70% paused
Box Jump 3x5
GHR 3x10
Hanging Leg Raise 3x10

T> FS to max single
BP to 5/3/2 rep max
Incline Bench 3x10
Weighted Chin Up 3x10
Pulling Movement 3x10
DB Lateral Raise 3x10
Rear Delt Flyes 3x10
DB Curls 3x10
Tricep Pulldowns 3x10
EZ Bar Curls 3x10

W FS to max single 3x3 at 70% paused
same assistance as Monday

T BS to max single
OHP to 5/3/2 rep max
same assistance as Tuesday with BTN press instead of incline bench

F FS to max single 3x3 at 70% paused
Snatch Grip Deadlift to 5/3/2 rep max
Conventional Deadlift 1x5/3/2
Same Assistance as Monday

I'm 6' 189 somewhere between 11-13% BF

I'm eating 2k calories on off days and 2400 calories lifting days. I want to lose about 5 more pounds of fat. Am I under eating?

I don't know how intense this lifting is, but most TDEE calculators are showing me at 3k per day and I'm averaging about 2300 I believe.

Pic related is me for a bodyfat estimate


You are certainly undereating for body composition results, and strength results.


So what should I up my calories to? 2500 average per week


Why would you max out on cleans everyday on a fat loss program, let alone maxing them out everyday?!


1) They're fun
2) I vary the position I do them from so it's less CNS intensive
3) It's a daily max. One day might be 250, the next might be 225. As soon as I miss I drop the weight or move on.
4) Why the hell not? I've PRed on BS, FS, and Clean all at about 20lbs+ lighter than when I hit my old PRs.


1) How long have you been running a caloric deficit?
2) How much weight have you lost?
3) Think back 1, 2, 4 and 8 weeks ago. At those time points, what did you weigh, and how many cals/d were you averaging?
4) How scrupulous are you in weighing/measuring your food?
5) How often do you refeed/have a cheat meal?



You've lost well under 10% of your BW, and have only been dieting 9 weeks. Both of these facts suggest to me you haven't yet run into significant metabolic slowdown. Further, you're averaging just over 1#/week weight loss--a reasonable pace. If you're still losing weight, I would say stick with it--you'll hit your goal of another 5# loss in ~4 weeks.

If weight loss has slowed, cut cals a bit (or add a little cardio) to get the needle moving again. At this point, I don't think an increase in cals would do the trick.


I've increased time spent weightlifting from 3-4 times per week to 5-6 times. That should have the same impact as cardio hopefully.

The thing I've noticed the most over the last 2 weeks is greatly increased vascularity in legs and stomach.