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Am I Turning Conservative?

yeah I feel a lot like you do. Despite turning more conservative over the years I still can’t see how anyone can back the current GOP.

And at the same time AOC and this victimhood left is brutal

I find it disappointing when people can’t recognize the distance between their own values, and the party they support. The party they support is just the closest thing they can find to their values.

I’m a conservative and vote that way, but am also aware of how far off they are from true conservative values. But for me it’s the closest thing I can find.

In our current political system, anyone less than crazy has to settle for one of the parties.

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There is a victimhood right. It was started by Ayn Rand. In fact, both sides claim enemies and they are the victims. But people see what they want to see.

@ The OP.

To find out if you are a Conservative or not, answer this simple question (See Comic for Reference).

If you want to keep the Chair as is, then you are a Conservative.

If you wan to throw the Chair out and replace it with a completly new one, you are a Radical.

If you want to keep the Chair, but make som form of modifications to it, then you are either a Moderate or a Progressive dependent on the degree of modifications you want.

If you want to throw out the Chair and replace it with sitting on the floor, you are probably some form of Reactionary.

For Clarification: The Chair represents how society is currently organized.

Hope that helps.

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I have come to realize this now in my late 20s. I have been fortunate enough to have a great education (that I am now paying back with loans …which I am okay with). My wife grew up in Rockford, IL. This is one of the worst towns in the nation (or at least was for a lot years) and has one of the poorest rated school districts of all.
Where I come into conflict is that the high tax rates have not been allocated to fix the education system and the mindset of those there seems to be “I don’t care if I’m mediocre or sucking off tax money from working people”.
I would like to see a public education system more like Sweden’s where teaching is a sought after career that pays well and is competitive to get into. This would be a great start into fixing the public school problem.

I too am in a weird state where I am leaning way more left on some things (cleaning up the environment, better energy resources, fixing schools (note, this doesn’t mean free college)) and right on a lot of others (defense spending, fiscally conservative, free market should be allowed to dominate in most fields).

I think if most people took the time to reflect they would find themselves somewhere outside of the strictly drawn conservative vs liberal lines.

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Then we would all need to care about education as much as the Swedes. This is why Americans worry about the illegals who are taking their (shitty) jobs while ignoring the immigrants who come here and have kids that go to Harvard or the immigrants who are already educated that get work as engineers or doctors.

The thing is, if we only looked at inner cities or places like Florida and Alabama, we would think US schools suck. But there are places in America where public education can compete with nations like Finland.

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If you’re turning conservative you don’t have a party. Which I’m not saying is a bad thing but you can’t vote red or blue and say you went with the conservative vote. Which is a damn shame

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However, as a nation we are doing terribly. China and India are cranking out more engineers, scientists, and doctors per year than we can possibly hope to compete with.

I wouldn’t argue that. I’m trying to make the point that it isn’t a public school problem but a community and regional one.

The trend right now is to de-professionalize teaching. You see this with charter schools that can hire whoever they want. You see it with TFA. You see it with attacks on teachers unions. I’ve heard people complain that teachers make too much money. So the idea of going in the opposite direction and treating teaching as they do in places like Finland, which will increase pay, seems unlikely given how education is viewed in this country.


The same could be said if you are a liberal.

It most definitely cuts both ways, @marine77

Indeed it does but I think we can objectively say the left is quite a bit more unhinged. Increasingly violent, progressively more psychotic and unstable…

You’ve never been to Florida.

3 times. Just the tourist spots though.

That will just make you hate America as a whole.

I hate unprincipled cretins no matter their origin. I love bass fishing in Florida though. Beats Missouri

where have you been in Florida and what do you not like about it?

I’m not arguing, Florida blows, but im interested on what your specific reasons are

Believe me…I am not a fan of the Far Left or even those proudly carrying the banner of “Progressive”…but that is far from being an objective assessment.


Florida as a place is nice. The touristy areas suck because they attract a lot of fat people and idiot foreigners who don’t know how to act in public. And don’t go to Walmart there.

Then you have Florida Man. The only state that spends less on mental health is Texas.

With that said, most of the Floridians I’ve met were nice people. I joke a lot about the South but I’ve always found the people there to be courteous and friendly. Pretty much the opposite of New Jersey.

so you think Florida sucks because of the tourists? Well that doesn’t make much sense.

Elaborate on the “Florida man”. Florida has a lot of retirees, so it is safe to say you’ll get a lot of senile folks roaming around. I have a lot of friends and family down there and since I work a lot in South America I always end up back in Miami.

Miami is like the capital of fraud. Its insane how much fraud goes on in that fucking state.