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Am I Turning Conservative?

I’ve been a staunch liberal most of my life but every day I get older, and every day i work and stay outside the U.S I become more extreme right.

The amount of excuses made for the shit heads and low lives by the left is turning me off day by day. Especially fuckers on the coast, which I’d like to point out that I am one of, and have always been. Why so many excuses for mediocrity? I’m not talking about misfortune, or someone losing their job, I’m talking about people that are just pure shit with no morals. People that rob, murder, and cheat.

I can go further but I’d just like to know if anyone else here has felt or noticed themselves changing as they aged?


I don’t think either side has cornered the market on robbing, cheating and having no morals.
I present the current resident occupying the White House as exhibit A. There are crooks on both sides.

he’s not a conservative though. I should have put conservative in the title. ‘ring wing’ is too broad.

EDIT: there i edited it

I’m pretty sure there’s a quote often(falsely?) attributed to Winston Churchill stating pretty much that.

Yeah…you don’t seem nearly woke enough to be a leftist.

Not really, but I started from a different point than you.

care to elaborate?

I’m really in a state of confusion on what I feel at the moment. I’m not sure anymore. I used to be so set in my ways, the leftist way. now I feel like all of It has shattered.

And yes, I changed as I aged. In my 20’s I was pretty conservative but nothing like this GOP that I don’t recognize. But now in my early 60’s I’ve been pretty liberal for 30 years. I guess because in my life experience I’ve worked with very rich people and very poor people and the one thing they both have in common is the desire to live a good life but most poor start out at a huge deficit from birth that many just can’t overcome. In my view it all starts with quality education and as a society we are failing the poor in this area the most.


You started as a liberal/leftist, while I started towards the opposite side. The things that are changing you don’t change me, because I was raised to see them this way. The biggest change, for me, has been my rejection of the Federal Government’s legitmacy.

are you saying conservatives don’t care about education? I went to a high school that bused in urban kids from bad neighborhoods…Sure, some of those kids ended up better for it, but for the most of us it sucked.


you’re saying this because of what Trump is doing, essentially?

I think Trump Is just an odd bleep on the screen. I don’t know if he will have lasting consequences, I don’t think he will as long as the economy stays stable when he is gone next year (hopefully).

Trump is not an indication of conservatism, he is the inevitability of the Fox News machine after Obama’s first win. He is also the product of leftist media cashing in, you do know that right? Both sides are responsible for his presidency.

Saying what? I can tell you nothing I said had anything to do with Trump, but I’d like you to clarify anyway.

I actually read your post wrong. Sorry it is late.

So you’re saying you believe the federal government’s legitimacy is in question because?

I’m kinda the same though I’m more central then you I think. I find that now I think more about things instead of just gobbling up what I’m told by others. Happens to be that on some issues I lean right. Maybe it could also be that on specific issues you’re more to one side. Does >50% either way make you conservative or liberal?

It’s good though that you seem to be open to having your view changed, that you’re don’t have a view just because it’s the traditional right or left wing view. You’ve done your own thinking and research and that’s what you’ve arrived at.

I think the thing that shifted me conservative over the years was just hope. Liberals seem to be victims with no hope of rising on their own without taking down someone else. I wanted to believe I could better my own situation. I know that is a really broad statement, and probably not fair, but it was the way things started to seem to me at around 24 or so. Then I had my first kid and shifted even more right.

I’m saying conservatives don’t care about public education that’s why they constantly try to kill it with vouchers. Vouchers will never work for the poor because they still won’t be able to afford a decent school. But vouchers will kill public schools as many are hanging on by a thread right now due to ever increasing budget cuts.


Most people, when they look at the world, see what they want to see.

Short version: 600,000+ people died when it claimed authority over the States.

My wife just retired this year from teaching and l disagree with vouchers for the reason you are stating.

But l think there is also an important component of how important education is to a family, in the mix.
I was in 5th grade when E Texas integrated and the black schools were repurposed. Education was not important to the majority of black students and the ones striving to make grades were ridiculed. However, so pushed on and ranked high at graduation.
You succeeded somewhere near, llrc. Does your story differ?

Sorry for derail

The soft bigotry of low expectations. It’s more leftists than liberals. Classic liberals are dandy people…neo libs, not so much. Hate filled, emotionally unstable, intellectually fraudulent, self loathing, pandering, identity politics, the demonization of white males, the excuse making, etc… truly repugnant scum


Like trying so hard to convince minorities they stand no chance because of…insert psychotic nonsense here ? Yea, they’re disgusting pieces of shit.

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Hmmm, small world. I grew up in east Texas also on a farm(Crockett, tx) to be exact. I went to a segregated school which was separate but nowhere close to being equal. Growing up on a farm was hard ass work. My parents and grandparents were share croppers who I figured really early on that they got ripped off most of the time due to their race and lack of eduacation. What I learned from that is a strong work ethic and that I did want to do that as many generations before me had done so I excelled in school because I knew that was my way out. My family could not afford to send me to college so it was all on me, grants, loans, scholarships,part time/full time jobs and other family members helped when they could.
I could go on and on but I will cut it short just to say I was lucky to have the family I did. So many other not so lucky.

I’ve always leaned right my whole life, but am now turning left due to the change I’ve seen from the GOP. I voted democrat during the last midterms and it was the first time I did not support a repulican in an election. I will either be voting for third party or the democratic nominee in 2020.

I leaned right as a fiscal conservative, and have always been a social liberal. The GOP has completely abandoned fiscal conservatism as part of their identity, which only leaves social values that I strongly disagree with.

I do agree with conservatives regarding that far left (AOC, Green New Deal, nonsense activism) is ridiculous and it is not something I support. That puts me as a centrist/moderate/classical liberal that goes either way depending on the issue.