Am I Tripping? My HGH Injections Have an Aftertaste

So I’m two days into a new HGH routine. Simple 1iu in the am for starters, small pinch of visceral belly fat belly, insulin needle, 1 iu injected, bam done.

Immediate metallic taste or something like that… wears off after an hour, comes back with heavy breathing at gym… wtf

My gear guy who’s been legit for years says this Jintropin he sold me is his top selling product.

I’m not an idiot - stopped using it. I’ve been through three prior HGH cycles never any taste.

Wondering if others have experienced any HGH aftertaste? My batch is labeled Jintropin.


You’re not tripping. I experienced this like 10 years ago when I first tried hgh. No one on tnation back then knew what it was either. You may just nick a vein on the way in and it could circulate through your lungs. BBB said it could be your body trying to excrete some toxins. If you look far enough you might find the post by me.


Thanks man. Kinda nerve racking with all the possible fake gear out there, I was just imaging what I could have been injecting. Especially with all the talk of Chinese HGH knockoffs - but on the flip side the Jintropin gets solid reviews… I’ll look for your post. I’m still pretty gun shy on continuing this batch.