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Am I to Be Blamed for It All (Finasteride Damage)? Any Risk on Long Term TRT?

I am 24 years old and a year ago I went on Propecia to combat male pattern baldness , within 5 days I noticed symptoms of low ejaculate and numb penis so I quit , all went to normal for a week then I crashed hard ( Insomnia , muscle loss , mood swings , very low cognitive function , extremely ice cold feet , dry skin ) Testosterone levels crashed to 284 and normalized to 420 in the coming months (prior to finasteride was 713) , however most of my symptoms remained and life sucked , I tried clomid restart While it brought it to 1100 E2 58 , it went back to 400s 4 weeks after the restart and symptoms came back with a vengeance .

In June based on the advice of my endo I went on TRT and after some trial and error this protocol works best for me: 120 MG in two injections per week arimidex 0.5 at the time of injections (cant on no circumstances go on HCG because of E2 issue) . All my symptoms went away and I am my old self (if not better) . Having said that I feel like a disabled person being on T at such a young age , Can’t seem to forgive myself for such a dumb mistake . I was operating at %110 prior to finasteride damage and I keep thinking about those days and feel like I lost something big in my life . I am asking from pros here who have been on T long term , Is there any risk of being on T long term ?

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It’s really great to hear that you’ve recovered from Post Finasteride Syndrome; I know recoveries are hard to come by. For how long have you been recovered?

Have you posted your success story at propeciahelp.com? I think the guys there would be really encouraged by your recovery as they are so rare and you may find some advice for ensuring that you do not crash again.

Regarding your concerns, I can definitely see where you are coming from as I am 22yo, on TRT. From what I have read on forums, most of the “dangerous” side effects of TRT are either myths or misunderstood and massively overstated.

That being said, high iron levels caused by TRT can be dangerous. Just keep an eye on them and donate blood accordingly.


I’m a 52 year old guy that took propecia at around 32 and I also think that stuff is poison. I understand your hair is very important when you are a young man (vain young man if you’re like me, lol). You are doing a service to other guys posting that here. Nothing is worth messing with your gonads/endocrine system. I have had sexual side effects since taking it/started around the same time I took it that have negatively impacted my life and linger to this day.

I would not focus on your numbers. Focus on how you feel. If you feel good the numbers don’t matter so much.

No one knows yet what will be the consequences for shutting down a young man’s HPTA, but we do know the consequences of low testosterone and disease is likely at lower levels as well as a shorter lifespan according to the data.

Doctors are knowingly prescribing a drug that is known to crash men’s HPTA permanently where complete recovery naturally is unlikely.

Finasteride is poison, my poison was 30 years of Klonopin usage which permanently crashed my HPTA.

We have a lot in common lord. I was prescribed Klonopin and was only on it for 5 before withdrawing myself against my doctors wishes.

The less drugs you need to take the better. The problem is the damage is often done before that lesson is learned.

Doctors only have a plan that involve you going on medication, not off of it. The moment you want to stop taking the medication, they always seem to give you a reason why you shouldn’t stop taking it.

Remember who doctors work for, the pharmaceutical companies and if doctors aren’t prescribing medication, pharmaceutical companies aren’t making any money.