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Am I the only one?!

OK, I have read alot of posts on this forum about martial arts and all you guys take Karate and Brazilian Jui Jitsu (spelling is wrong on almost all of these) and Tae Kwan Do and others ect. But does any one here study Shaolin Kung Fu? Or am I the only one? Just curious…

I don’t, but would like to learn uncle. Please teach me the path. J/K Really I would, I just have a hard time finding a place that teaches.

I would love to study Shaolin Kung Fu - but the one school I would go to study this form is located in New York. I live in Oregon. I would also love to study alot of other styles - to become fully embedded in a hybrid form, but I couldn’t really provide the time that is necessary to do any of these styles justice.



After a LOT of research and study into which martial art I wanted to pursue,(and with input from this Forum), I have decided on Shoalin Kung Fu! (I’m still searching for the best Teacher/School…I think that it was ko and others on this site who came to the consensus that your teacher is really the key).

Do you have some good resources? Books? Videos? Magazines? Organizations? Also (if you don’t mind!) share a little about the discipline…(by the way…my search was not for something that would have me “win a street fight”…I was looking for something that combined strength, flexibility, speed,discipline and “spirituality” (THAT caused some discussion on the Forum!)…and I wanted something that could be a “lifelong” discipline…Shoalin Kung Fu appears to fit fit the bill FOR ME!


Patricia is right. In New York there is a Shaolin School run by a real Shaolin monk. I take a class or two there when my schedule allows. Since I do not live in New York it is not that often. Once of the better instructors in the county lives in FL, but I have misplace his information. If you can get North of the border the Master from Iron and Silk has moved there.
Best of Luck (a ka since 1962)

I have a friend that studied Shaolin Kung Fu up in Canada, and in China(Where he was born)He tries to keep up with it here, now that he lives in Southern Cali. He also believes that the instructor is key, when studying a form like this. Unfortunately he doesn’t feel the instructors of any sort of kung fu in the area here are on par with what they should be.

Mufasa, from what I have heard and experienced, Kung Fu is the oldest, most deadly and least studied (probably because of the amount of discipline it takes). Many classes I have had the ‘puke war’ from working so hard. Of course I never actually puked. There are schools that you can find. One of the best is Rothrock’s Kung Fu school in Pittsburgh. That is where my teacher was taught. I wouldn’t use the videos because many of the instructors do things incorrectly on purpose to keep the Shaolin system methods a secret from people not directly taught. Kung Fu is where all martial arts started, any other form is a branch. For instance, Karate at least in the US started being taught by Kung Fu instructors that didn’t really want to teach Americans the real thing. So they taught a watered down bitch ass version to them. I talked to my one friend who is a second degree black belt in Karate and she says there is nothing even remotely similar to the stances we have in Kung Fu or the art of redirection and so on. If you want the real thing you take Kung Fu in my opinion.

Mufasa, here’s a link to a wide-ranging site on kung fu:

I study cheerleading. I am a 69th degree black belt.

I found this site, I have no idea if it will be any good to you, as far as location is concerned but check it out anyway. i thin that it is what you are lookng for, maybe more.

www.shaolin-overseas.org/ shaframe.htm

As far as magazines go you could try the magazine “Inside Kung Fu” they have a fuckin awsome chi-nah demonstration in there in the current issue.

Well, I’ll argue with Kung Fu being deadly (or even effective in most cases) but I suppose this is a pro kung-fu thread. In that case I suggest you look up David Ross who teachs a style of kung fu called san shou in New York. In my experience 95% of kung fu teachers can’t back up what they preach. David can and his students do on a regular basis. I’m not sure how many other good kung fu teachers abound in the states but if you can’t train with David and your heart is set on Kung Fu I would suggest trying to find David’s school info (www.angelfire.com/ny/sanshou) and contact him for a reccomendation.

I second geoff;s reccomendation, if you are looking for street effective kung fu, san shou is the one.

I’m a yellow belt in Hap Ki Do, a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a yellow belt in Karate.

Soon, I will know kung fu too!