Am I the only one?

how many of you HAVE to square the equipment with it’s surrounding before you begin an exercise? when i do any bar pressing movements where i am looking up at the ceiling the bench HAS to be positioned so that the bar runs exactly parrallel with the rafters or ceiling tiles. if not i end up pressing the bar in an uneven manner so that it IS parallel screwing up my form. i guess it’s just a subconcious thing. anyone else do stuff like this? kevo

I’m the same way… I have to move the bench so the bar will be in line with a line in the ceiling (if its there) or I find I have to concentrate on my form a lot more. Its only on flat bench with a bar. No other exercises. Its not a big deal if I can’t move the bench, but if I can, I do.

Your not the only crazy one! I do it too.
In faith - Matt

You guys are insane. Seek help.

I feel your pain, brother. :slight_smile: Yup, I do that to. The lines in the ceiling are a good way to make sure you are moving the bar with good form. I feel silly adjusting the bench, but it’s inevitable.

Absolutely!! EVERYTHING has to be squared and perfectly aligned before I press, squat, or deadlift. It’s not about being anal, it’s about being smart.

Yep, me too. I think it’s called “obsessive-compulsive” behavior.

I do all that stuff too. Another one is when I’m using dumbells the numbers on the dumbells have to match up perfectly. For example where the weight sticker is marked on the dumbell…if i’m pressing and one faces up and the other faces down etc. it seems to screw up my set.

You are definately not the only one. I’m exactly the same way, especially with bench.

most excellent! obsessive-compulsive it is! kelly - i do the same thing with dumbells too. :o) just about every piece of equipment that can be aligned (like benches with floor mats etc.) will be aligned when i get through with them. it’s just part of the “attention-to-detail” “precise mindedness” of the t-man.

i bet the t-mag staffer in-house gym is an absolutely insane example of plum, square and level. kevo

At first when I was reading these replies I was like ahhhh you’re all crazy, but then I just realized that I have to make sure the benches are straight too. I don’t line it up with the ceiling (now I probably will) but I just try to square it to the room - feels odd if the bench is at an angle.
peace my psycho brothers

Absolutely! If the squat rack is slightly askew to the mirrors/wall,it drives me crazy, especially because I’m using the mirror to check that my feet/knees/legs are lining up correctly for my form.

I have OCD tendencies, but even I am not that OCD.

I also have to make sure the plates on the barbell are the same brand, shape, size, etc. Also the collars have to match!

Wow! Does anyone not line things up. Especially the thing about collars, I’ll have to look all over for two that match. And the water bottle has to go in the same spot lined up with the legs of the bench.

i do the same thing too… i square myself with everything. to get symetrical, you must think symetrical, and see yourself and movements in a symetrical manner. (being an engineer doesn’t help me much either)

only on the bench press… something about the damned bar and the ceeling not lining up drives me crazy, also its kinda neat to move the bench/rack with just your foot

haha … i do the same thing…

Count me in for this one! My coach used to scream at me : “Just lift the frigging weights!” But I couldn’t do it if the bar wasn’t lined up to the mats – something in the universe was just so… uneven.

I’m the same way too. What really gets me is the mirrors. If I’m checking my form in the mirror while lifting (ie-Dbell Militarys), and the ‘seam’ where two mirror panels meet is right in front of me, that always throws me off if I’m not exactly centered with it.