Am I The Only One Who Finds Figure Models Insanely Attractive?

A lot of people say they’re too muscular, but to me they still look very feminine just very lean

Just want to point out in case you didn’t know, figure is an actual class in female bodybuilding and the videos you’ve posted are of bikini (another class) where the girls are typically the least muscular.

A lot of people say they’re too teen as well (the one’s depicted, anyway).


Not a problem for me (provided age is 18+)

I’m not normally one to go around “commenting” on other peoples bodies unduly. BUT on the grounds that these women have genuinely put them selves out there to be judged…

I’m not a massive fan of the “bikini body” as displayed here. Its too “thin”. You say they look muscular. But all I see is skinny.
Along with the baby face and pushed up top. Not for me.

As a side note given the “compromises” needed to win an event like this I really feel that having under 16’s compete is a bad idea. I read some of the comments ad stories on here from adults and - I’m blown away.

Good catch. Inappropriate vids have been removed.

The topic itself is fair game, but of all the figure/bikini models that could’ve been posted to discuss how “insanely attractive” some girls might be, Clip decided to literally post a pair of vids with underage teens.

Final warning.


I didn’t watch the videos, and I’m not as well versed on classes, but isn’t the “teen” class like 18-23?

I was gonna google it but since the videos are gone idk what federation that was

Typically 16 to 19 or 20, depending on the organization.

The first vid was NPC and the competitor in the pink bikini was 16 (found via Google). 2nd vid was some other org and had “Junior Women’s Bikinifitness 16-20 Years Open” in the title.

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I see. I didn’t know or I’d have not made the comment I made. Sorry for crossing that line.

Back to the original topic barring the notion of underage competitors. Yes, figure competitors tend to be attractive. They’re in peak physical condition whilst generally retaining a feminine frame/look.

Female dancers also tend to be attractive… as do many types of female athletes… and male athletes for that matter. Healthy looking men/women tend to be viewed as physically attractive… shocker!

I don’t care. They’re old enough for YouTube


Well, that solves that.


Children can also post YouTube videos. I suppose that makes them fair game too?

Jokes aside… What?

You’ll be a hit in prison.

Should have known by the guy’s avatar.

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