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Am I Taking Too Many Supplements?

My current supplement routine:

Vitamine D: 2000 IU
Magnesium: 200mg
Zinc: 10mg
Fish oil: 1,5g
curcumin: 500g

Could taking this much be dangerous of some kind?

NO, but do you feel something different when taking them ?

Those are all sane doses, below RDA’s even. You’re good.

You’re fine.

I’d double the vitamin D and treble the fish oil, personally.

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those are all things that have minimal associated risk, especially at those doses. A lot of people take MUCH more vit D than this. I take 4x that amount with no adverse effects. If you’re deficient in any particular vitamin or mineral, then supplementing your diet makes plenty of sense. The number of supplements is inconsequential, these things aren’t generally interacting with each other.