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Am I Strong?


I'm just wondering if I'm average, above average, or below average. I weigh 203, I am 16 years old., I bench 275, squat 365, and deadlift 475. Please be honest




For the general public your very strong. As far as Powerlifting/ Bodybuilding it seems like I would want to know more about your stats. Age. gear or no gear.. how long you've trained? etc. But to be honest, I think those are very respectable numbers and to hell with what people think.


I go 375/215/455 at 148/165 and I dont consider myself strong


Yes ... for a small woman or an old man


I am 16 years old and have only trained for a year. Just turned 16 the 19th


Its ok I wouldn't be happy with it


its not too bad but it isnt exactly elite powerlifting numbers


You might find this helpful:


U must have been an absolute hard ass when u were 16. U must have benched 600, deadlift,2000, and squatted 1000


I don't think the average 16 year old I gonna bench 275, deadlift 475, and squat 365. I maybe wrong, but I don't think any 16 year old had elite numbers, unless they are on some steroids


These threads are so weird. You are likely very strong relative to your current peer group. However, you are a flaming pussy relative to the best teenage powerlifters. Use that knowledge to your advantage and go get a lot stronger, and more importantly, stop seeking validation on the internet.


No not actually I was a typical 16 year old who didn't really know shit about lifting and hardly even worked out. What I ment by what I said is, those are ok lifts but you should be happy with where your at and not want to improve and get stronger. So chill the fuck out and don't get so defensive


All the numbers are pretty good .... DL is double of your BW and SQt ia almost 1.5 to your BW...at your age its really great. by seeing your age You have a great potential and opportunity to progress.

happy lifting


That is strong as shit for a 16 year old!


Then it looks like you came up with the answer you were looking for all by yourself. What was the point of this thread again?






As if anyone doesn't know...just a normal attempt at validation.

Kid, you're pretty strong for your age. To be really impressive, keep plugging away for another 5-10 years.


I was like that once too.

You're doing good OP. Just carry on.