Am I Strong?

[quote]bperwien wrote:
Bench 265
Squat 330
DL 395
Press 180
Pull up 12
Dip 24

For now though just checking on what other strong people think.[/quote]
To give you another way of looking at things:

In February 2012, your bench was 225x7 (so let’s say 260ish, give or take, for 1) and you were at 11 pull-ups.

Looks like that was also during a more traditional, no-kettlebells-in-sight program.

In April 2012, you hit a deadlift of “April 14th one rep max 390”

With all that in mind, one could argue you’ve made very little strength progress in well over a year, which is obviously not a good thing. Take a step back, consider your particular goals, and decide if what you’re doing is actually getting you closer to them or not.