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Am I Strong?


Bench 265
Squat 330
DL 395
Press 180
Pull up 12
Dip 24

I consider myself strong but this is a different community than "normal"


not sure how to feel


Could be? What's your height, weight, and training experience?

What do you weigh?


You are stronger than my wife and weaker than I am.
...Is this what you were looking for?


5ft 8in

I primarily use kettlebells but these are my gym max numbers


Works for me


You use primarily kettlebells and arrived at those numbers? Uh, yeah, you are very strong then considering with hardly any training specifically for strength you arrived at those numbers. IF this is true, then you are for sure headed for outstanding lifts in the future.

Care to outline your routine consisting primarily of kettlebells and little else?


Lol primarily use kettlebells? Ditch them and go to real weights please. With those lifts I would only consider you strong if you weighed 100 pounds.


I use KB's up to 88lbs, pullup/dip stand, dip belt, TRX, and 27lb sledge.....I test myself in the standard weights 4 times per year to see where I am at. I have a limited setup but workout consistanly and have far to go. For now though just checking on what other strong people think.



Sure, but at what level?

Google 'strength tables' and you will see what level of "strong" you are considered


An interesting blog post by a fellow T-Nation member:





My son is 5'11" 175. BP's 300, SQ 395 at 18 y.o. (Squat would be higher but he's run a 10.8 100m.) His dad does a little more at age 47. You have some work to do but you aren't getting there with kettle bells.

Hell you want to get strong; forget about dumbbells too. Use the barbell, then use the barbell and donâ??t forget to use the barbell. Ow ya, MULIT-JOINT MOVEMENT!


To give you another way of looking at things:

In February 2012, your bench was 225x7 (so let's say 260ish, give or take, for 1) and you were at 11 pull-ups.
Looks like that was also during a more traditional, no-kettlebells-in-sight program.

In April 2012, you hit a deadlift of "April 14th one rep max 390"

With all that in mind, one could argue you've made very little strength progress in well over a year, which is obviously not a good thing. Take a step back, consider your particular goals, and decide if what you're doing is actually getting you closer to them or not.


this "strong" thing is such a relative term. I would think for a gym rat, you are average.


I would not consider a less than 1.5 x BW bench, less than 2 x BW squat/DL and a less than 1 x BW OHP to be strong.


Hit the 'Game Changer' standards and you can consider yourself strong.



Your strong.

By lifting primarily with Kbells but testing with Barbells screws the the numbers a lot.

Most in here could not strict press a 88lb kbell overhead let alone clean it to shoulder level so they are only judging by the numbers they understand.

Can you clean and press the 88lber strictly- meaning knees locked and no bump to get it started?

Can you do a get-up with it?

Sots press it?--that would be fucking strong if you could.


Strength with a barbell is a skill. You aren't even practicing the skill. Why do you test it?


I'm 5'8 160 and I lift more than you on all but bench and press (I can bw press) and I've been back in the gym for only 4 months after 3 years off. I don't see myself as strong, so I would say that you are not.