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Am I Strong for My Age?


I just turned 16 im 5’8 and i weigh 195 my lifts are bench 240 squat 350 deadlift 450 i can hangclean 225x5 and i can also chest press 180


Hey man impressive deadlift!, id say you’re quite strong for 16 so well done.


Are you askimg whether you are strong for a 16 year old or strong for a competitve teen powerlifter?


Both please


For a 16 year old, yes, you’re pretty strong. For a competitive teen lifter, nope.


Thanks ill work on my lifts and hopefully become successfull in powerlifting


Thanks man im trying to get strong enough to be competitive in a powerlifting meet


1000 total is a good effort, especially at a young age. There’s a good chance you are the strongest kid in your school but unless your goal is to be the strongest at school, it doesn’t count for much so don’t allow yourself to over inflate what it means (i.e. don’t let it swell your head)

The best juniors are doubling that, you still have lots of time as a junior but getting to a 1000 total is a craaaaaap load easier than 1500. So stay humble and put in the hours over the years.


lol show me a kid with a 2000 ib total.


Thank you very much and also i mean this in a good way but im a sopmore lol but i do compete with the juniors in my school and yes im the strongest sophmore in my school and my goals for 16 years old are a 315 bench 405 squat and at st 525 deadlift and im gonna try my best to break those goals


I said junior - as in the division, not a kid.

  • oh ok mt bad


Why not simply look up Powerlifting Federations in your search engine ? Most have their individual records and or different meet results posted. That way you can get a feel for how you would stack up against other teenagers whom compete.


Thats actually a good idea thanks for the advice


I was only kidding man !