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Am I Still A Beginner?


Hello I'm deciding to switch from WS4SB to 5x5 Stronglifts.
I think I could increase my main lifts faster because I wouldn't have to rotate them every 3 weeks.
The standard 5x5 from Stronglifts is for beginners and I'm not sure if I'm still a newbie.
So I thought I'd asked some experienced lifters for their opinions.
Now it's to decide either to start Madcows 5x5 or the SL 5x5.
Here are my stats:

Age: 20
Weight: 152 lbs
Deadlift and Squat 1RM: 200 lbs
Benchpress 1RM: 160 lbs

PS: Pls excuse my mistakes, but I'm from Germany so English isn't my mother tongue.


try and see if you can make linear progression on one of those programs. if you can't then you need something that has deload / submaximal effort stuff built into it.


If you're asking if you're still a beginner, you probably are. Go with SL 5x5. Works bloody well for strength.


both work



Weight training is measured in years. It's a marathon, not a sprint.


Yep your still a beginner and any workout plan will work as long as you are increasing strength.