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Am I Starting Right?


Hi, Im Johnny and new to this site but i have been reading some of the threads for beginner. I just want to lose some body fat for the moment and then bulk up. Well here's my plan with diet.

7am Oats or Egg Whites(How many?)
10am Snack (fruits or raisin or peanut butter sandwich no jelly etc etc)
1pm Snack Again
4pm Lunch
7pm Dinner

Workout will be 3 times a week using the "Waterbury program".Also with 2 days of cardio.

Im also thinking of getting Whey Protein to supplement as part of the diet, good or bad idea?


Definately pick up a whey supplement. Oats AND eggs would be a good breakfast. You dont list out what your other meals are, so it is really hard to rate your diet.


You need to evaluate more than just what you are eating, but how much and how often. Even for a begineer it is a good idea to get in the habit of knowing what kind of effect on your long term goals that every bite of food you are taking has. Pick a good diet plan, I suggest T-Dawg 2.0, and stick to it. Don't think you can just "do your own thing" and it will have good success, unless you are really lucky.

Protein supplements should be a staple in any kind of diet, bulking or cutting. Try to aim for at least 1g/lb of weight. Some say LBM, but weight is easier unless you are really sure what your BF percentage is. Plus you can never get too much.

Read up on all of the articles on here for begineers, especially the 7 healthy habits.

For much more diagnosis than that, please let us know your stats and you goals, plus as was already stated explain what "lunch", "snack", and "dinner" mean to you.

Good luck!


A protein supplement is great..for convience. Its not a staple. Getting adequate protein is what counts.(thats where the protein supplement comes in but if you can get enough protein from whole foods you don't "NEED" it.) Also don't get just whey unless money is some kind of huge issue. It's pretty common knowledge that a whey/casein blend is better for your long term goals. There's research to support this.It just so happens that argueabley the best protein product on the market is sold right here at this site for a damn good price.

I think the T-Dawg would be good for your goals. Another option might be the Anabolic Diet depending on your preference.


I have to disagree, in this case. For a begineer who barely knows how to eat clean, let alone correctly (two very different things) a protein supplement should be a staple. Once the diet is in check and they know how to eat food to get protein and stay clean, then yes they could give it up.

For me it's more of a convenience thing and will always be a staple in my diet.

I agree with you on the blended protein and the best place to get it...


Thats the point. Whole foods are the staple. Not protein supplements. Most of your protein should be coming from whole foods. Period.End of story.

If his diet isn't in order other places he's just wasting his money on a protein supplement. For god sakes an Omega 3 supplement is more important to his overall health and diet than whether or not he's taking a 80g of day from a canister. Its called a SUPPLEMENT because yoiur supposed to supplement your diet with it. Is it very hard to get 400g of protein a day without some kind of protein supplementation.

Diet and Training

Your progress isn't decided by what you take its decided by your overall intensity in the gym and your WHOLE food intake.Everything else is just an aid.


Again I think your opinion is geared towards the seasoned trainee, not the beginner. I don't disagree that you are completely correct, but using a supplement like protein is a good way to help get the diet in order. So for THIS GUY it should be a staple, even if at least temporarily. Easy enough to comprehend?


I comprehend it. I think your wrong. It should never be more than an aid.I guess you've gained an incredible amount of wisdom in the whole year of training you've got listed on your profile.


when i was referrin to snack i meant "peanut butter sandwich without the jelly, fruits or something healthy but small". As for Lunch and dinner, i know i should eat chicken,turkey, and fish but those are sometimes hard to get into the dinner table so i was just thinking of a regular lunch and dinner.

150 lbs

thanks i will read the T-Dawg articles and other.


Also the blend protein supplement, what's the brand or a direct link to it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot guys.


I have yes, thank you. I've actually been "working out" for over a decade, but only seriously training for about a year.

Fair enough we have different opinions.


Seriously? You do realize this board is centered around an online store right? And in that online store is a product called Metabolic Drive. In that Metabolic Dive is the best damn protein money can buy. Simple as that.



I figured it what the Metabolic Drive but i just wanted to be sure.


OK, you're not totally clueless... Just partially... :slight_smile:

Yo really can't go wrong with the Metabolic Drive. It is by far the best tasting, best mixing, best ingrediants, and best value protein out there.


this stuff really does tastes good. Exactly where can i find tutorial for doing some of the excerises in Waterbury's article?