Am I Stalling My Metabolism?

I’ve been cutting slowly for 8 weeks/2 months with HR-Extreme. Not going mad, eating around 2400/2500cals daily. I’ve lost a good deal of fat, sitting now at around 10% having started in the region of 13.5-14%. Whilst I’m ecstatic about these changes, I still feel I want to get to the 8-9% mark for that elusive “wow” factor, but I’m unsure about my next steps regarding cutting/maintaining/bulking?

Would it be potentially a bad idea to extend the cut beyond its current 2 months, albeit having to cycle off the HRE? When is too long for a cut? How about running a short-ish maintenance cycle for a few weeks then getting back on with the cut when I can start using HRE again? Or how about a brief bulk to take advantage of my diet-induced insulin sensitivity?

What’s your training/cardio look like now? What’s your BW?

At the moment I’m training primarily for sprinting (100m), so about 50% of my time is track work and the rest is compound lifts covering all major muscle groups 2-3 x pwk. I’m about 175 at present.


Its pretty unlikely at ~2500kcals

Now ~1500kcals for 16 weeks or so, that would be a different story…

I wouldn’t think so either. The sprints should keep everything going, and 2500cals isn’t that low anyways.

If my progress has stalled in the last couple of weeks though and I’m beginning to feel a bit lethargic, still worth taking a week or two at maintenance stimulant-free to freshen up then come back and hit it hard again?

Have you tried a refeed for a day?

If progress has stalled you need to either lower cals more or increase your caloric expenditure (more cardio?)