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Am I Skinny Fat?


I'm 220lbs, and 5'11, 25-30%bf
I have been lifting 2 years

Am I skinny fat or just fat?
I have decided to cut down to 170-180 or to have some what visable abs or atleast a flat mid section.
I train 3 times a week.
As for diet, it use to suck I use to not eat breakfast and eat out a lot. Now I eat cleaner, more like this...

Breakfast: 3 eggs
Snack: mixed nuts
Lunch: Turkey salad or pbj sandwhich
Snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Chicken/Fish
NO SODA, just water
The problem was that this all totalled up to about 1800 calories but I still didnt lose any weight.
I think it is that I'm just not active enough.
I wake up at 7am
Go to school at 8am
I'm in class all day besides lunch and traveling from building to building (large school)
Get out at 3:25
Workout at 4
Finish at 5
then I'm at home the rest of the day doing hw or on comp.
Sleep at 10-11.

I think I need to get more active or come in on off days on walk on the treadmill or somthing.
What do you think?
Can I still lose weight if I eat more calories, more like 2300?

Heres the pics...


one more




Your lifts seem quite high when looking at your pictures…


No, you’re just fat. 25-30% bodyfat at 220 pounds when you’re nearly 6 feet is quite high. A year ago when I was 260 pounds (I’m your height), I was 24% bodyfat to give you an idea. Skinny-fat would be if you were 185 pounds but had say 23% bodyfat percentage.


[quote]aussie101 wrote:
Your lifts seem quite high when looking at your pictures…[/quote]

To be honest, I thought that about myself too.

So does anyone have any advice?


get like me


[quote]sirbin2000 wrote:
get like me[/quote]


Want advice? Lose weight before you try to gain muscle. You’re just kind of big at this point.


what do you eat on a daily basis?


[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
what do you eat on a daily basis?[/quote]

what pretty much got me here?
Like 2 fast food meals, snacking on shit all day and one home cooked meal for dinner, no breakfast.


and yet you had the consistency to lift for 2 years

that surprises me to be honest haha


[quote]Tumbles wrote:
and yet you had the consistency to lift for 2 years

that surprises me to be honest haha[/quote]

what do u mean by that exactly?


Yeah, your kinda fat. Not skinny fat so just know thats a good thing. I would say a good 6 months at serious dieting and you will be looking much better. Just keep lifting heavy. Keep going to you feel comfortable and then resume your bulk.


If you have the ability to lift consistently for two years, it’s not that hard to pull out a pan and go to the grocery store.


[quote]moofs wrote:
Am I skinny fat or just fat?
If I walked past you in a grocery store or a library, I would think of you as normal or big. For a bodybuilding forum I would consider you fat, not kinda fat. At least you have some considerable strength.

Pretend you were 175 and have been bulking up for 2 years, and now its time to cut. In all honesty I can see you turning it around well in time for summer without the use of steroids or weight loss drugs, though two spaced out t3/clen/win cycles would get you there a lot faster. Not sure on your stance on that though.

Also, don’t kill yourself after reading what people have/will post. Their going to be brutal.


[quote]SSC wrote:
sirbin2000 wrote:
get like me



I’m the idiot? I don’t post sasquatch-esque pictures and ask about being skinny-fat when he is obviously fat. Chill lol


t3/clen/win cycles
Whats that?
I’m 17 btw, so if T3 is some sort of anabolic drug I’m not rly down for that.


Yes, you’re right. You don’t need T3 et al. You just need some time and willpower.

Follow what Chad Waterbury said for few months:

?If I told you to consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight, fibrous vegetables, water, green tea, 12 grams of fish oil, and spread those out over the course of six meals each day you?d be anything but impressed. But if I held you in captivity and forced you to do that every day for a month, you?d be blown away by the results. The nutritional methods to lose fat have already been found. The challenge we coaches face is figuring out how we?re going to get you to adhere to the guidelines.?


[quote]SSC wrote:
sirbin2000 wrote:
get like me


Want advice? Lose weight before you try to gain muscle. You’re just kind of big at this point.[/quote]

why would he do this? I mean its a valid option but why not work on strength and eating clean.

get as big as possible so then he has something to cut down to?

becuase guess what, at his stage of development he would be able to gain muscle and loose fat at the same time.
Wait,What thats crazy you say, well I can bet tha tif he puts down his real diet I bet for 1 he is not eating that much at all,possibly not enough.
also his lifts look good but I am kind of thinking either these are inflated a bit but whatever thats not important.

I would say really look at diet and fix that with lots of protien and good fats, and get on a decent strength program.
You gain muscle and you will loose fat its that simple really.

if this guy would try and loose weight I am afraid he will toatally screw his metabolism up in the long run if its not already fubar.


17? You look like a 40 year old man who has never touched a weight in his life.