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Am I Skinny Fat? 5'10", 190 Pounds

Hi there

I am a 26 year old guy that has been lifting on and off for about a year and a half or so. I am at a 210 squat a 180 bench and a 315 deadlift I stopped lifting a month or so ago. I was wondering what kind of program I should be on, I really want to be on a 531 template but idk if it’s viable for me. I was skinny fat when I started and I’m still skinny fat right now to be honest. Here are some photos for reference .

I would not say you are “skinny fat”. You are just fat. Not trying to be a dick, but you are too large to be skinny fat.


Why wouldn’t it be? If it suits your goals, do it. Just don’t make the mistake a lot of guys do and over-focus on just the lifting. Conditioning work is always part of 5/3/1. Do them, fix your diet, and you’re set.

Dude, I’m sorry, but you’re not “skinny”-anything right now, like mben said.

What did you weigh a year and a half ago?

Five months ago, you said “I have a 185 bench a 210 squat and a 280 deadlift”
Why have your bench and squat not moved at all in that time?

Thanks for replying Chris.

I keep doing the program on and off it’s a problem with consistency . I take two weeks or three weeks off my strength falls ten percent I get back and then my strength gets back and I stop again . I need to be more consistent

I weighed around 150 a year and a half ago

Do u think boring but big is suitable for cutting ? Or should I just stick to first set last with a lot of conditioning

When you stop doing that, you’ll solve a lot of your problems.

I’d re-examine your nutrition, specifically your protein intake and total calories, because a large part of that 40 pounds gained was not muscle.

Man, re-read your question out loud until the answer makes itself apparent.

Unless I’m mistaken, FSL is just a programming technique, not a full template of its own. Basic 5/3/1 programming has 3-4 days of lifting and 2-3 days of conditioning. Do that, if it suits your goal (which you haven’t actually mentioned yet).