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Am I Screwed? Banned Substance Help

Hi play ncaa college sports and i ve been taking dhea for about two months-just today i ve found out that i m gona be tested tomorow- i took 12 mg half a tab of 25mg tab this morning and the test is tomorow sometime should i be worried or is it ok . I didnt know it was a banned substance well i did and didn’t i thought it was ok

I can’t tell you based on practical cases but just in terms of “odds,” so to speak, 50 mg DHEA orally is merely a replacement dose, getting levels back up to normal if subnormal. DHEA is naturally present in the blood so this is not a case where being detected at all causes failure, but only being above the normal range.

It seems impossible that 25 mg today could yield above-normal levels tomorrow, as an estimation.

that sounds positive no pun intended ,but isnt the dhea they sell at walmart ,synthetic or is it the same as the stuff the body produces, thx i will let you know when i get the results how it went fingers crossed

Not synthetic, but actually there is a subtly-detectable-in-some-cases influence in that plant-derived steroids, which the DHEA is – from diosgenin – have a slightly different carbon isotopic ratio than animal-produced steroids. In other words, a slightly different ratio of C13, a form of carbon with an extra neutron, to C12, the usual kind.

This is determinable only by mass spectroscopy though, which is too expensive to do routinely on average Joes.

If you had no natural DHEA but had normal levels of supplement DHEA, and were getting tested by mass spectroscopy, then that could be detectable. However, if natural DHEA is most of what’s there and there’s a little residue from the low dose supplemental DHEA taken a day earlier, that doesn’t sound likely to be provable by mass spectroscopy, which probably isn’t what you’re going to face anyway. So I would think you’re OK.

DHEA is a banned substance?
It does not boost testosterone in men and is not anabolic or androgenic.