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Am I Sabotaging my Post Workout Nutrition?


So I workout at my school gym at least once a week (besides the one i go to by my house) and have a class right before and right after my workout. Before the workout (cca 40 mins) I down a turkey sandwich and some nuts and a piece of fruit.

My main question is though:
After the workout I immediately mix a protein shake (46g protein, 4g carbs) with some creatine, and about 10 minutes later I also have a Monster (54g of carbs, 54g of sugar, + the "energy mix") along with some almonds or other nuts (45g fat, 20g carbs, 4g sugars, 20g protein)

I'm around 160 lbs and about 17% body fat.
So my question is: Am I fucking up with my post workout nutrition on that day and sabotaging my efforts?

Help? Plz?


Save the almonds for later, wait a little bit after that shake...as for the monster i'd say there will be mixed opinions about that, i personally would toss it and use use some simple sugar (dextrose/Malto)


While you probably don't have much of a strength base, if you lost some bodyfat your body would probably put on muscle more easily.

Max incline treadmill for 20 minutes 3 times a week IMO.

And yes, to answer your question, sub out the monster for Dextrose in the shake.


and push through your big toe for those calves!


Yeah I'm only drinking Monster for the sugar. I thought that glucose is absorbed quickly?


Thanks guys!

John. Thanx but no thanx. I've done that before. I'd rather put on some fat along with muscle and then shave it off. And interval training seems to be working more for me if I'm doing cardio. But I really appreciate the input.
Looks like I'm gonna get me some dextrose =]


not to hijack, but I discovered this method like 2 weeks ago and it works so much better than the natural way of pushing from the right side of your foot.



I'm not grasping this completely so, do tell. If you feel like it that is


I'm not grasping this concept so do tell. If you feel like it. Glad to learn something new, no matter what topic.
I'f that's you as your avatar-HOLY SHIT!!!!


PWO should be mainly protein/carbs...save the fats for later. Same with pre-workout.

Preferrably get your sugary carbs in first...even before the protein, or with another fast absorbing protein like whey isolate or BCAA...

I think you are messing up your pwo nutrition in that you aren't eating...I'd have a small meal in class and tell my prof to bite me if he gave me shit...or mix something up and eat it on the way...you shouldn't need a humongous meal (unless you can in class) but something is certainly better than nothing...



Thanks, this helps. A lot.
But can you give me examples of that "something" that I should eat?

Sorry to be like a 5 year old, I'm just trying to make sure I won't sabotage it with something else.

Once again, THANKS!


after your carb/protein shake it can really be anything. Depending on your diet/food tastes, etc. If I'm eating in class and don't have access to a microwave then you'd want something preferrably eaten cold. I've done cold spaghetti with hamburger...but generally a tuna sandwich or something would be fine. Protein bar, etc...

If you just spent some time tearing your body down through exercise your going to need more than a shake pwo to help recover imo...

Something is better than nothing...



Ay ay captain. Switching the nuts for a tuna sandwich.

Just out of curiosity: would a hamburger be acceptable at that time? Not from fast food joints. Friend has a burger joint right next to school. You know, with real beef and stuff.
I don't even like burgers, just curious.


tuna sandwich would be much better than any hamburger, 30g of protein in tuna and no fat, throw that on wholegrain bread and you cant go wrong