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Am I Rowing with Bad Form?

i was told i was rounding my lower back and not arching properly the first time. I now have learned the correct way to arch or so i think. But here is my form check its done with a stick because i dont have a barbell at home lol.

as far as my back and all am i doing this properly?

thanks in advanced

It is hard to say, but definitely not a tight arch, probably neutral after you get into position. It is hard to tell with that video quality, but that doesn’t seem to be a position that could injure you.

It would be a lot effective for videoing your form if you use whatever form of loading barbell, dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, chains, a mixture of bands and chains on a barbell, dead babies, boxes full of sleeping cats what ever the heck you plan on using you plan on using, and have it be at least somewhat challenging along with bring the video camera closer to you.

this is as far as i can arch my back, i will bring my cam on monday. But so far how does this look?

I find that if I don’t look down, rather look ahead while rowing, my back maintains a good and tight position. Of course I also tighten up and take in big breaths. Your back doesn’t appear to be bowing at all so I think your good, man.

I have no idea why people ask for form checks using just the bar or with no resistance ,
form could look fine with just the bar , but then you throw on a few pounds to where its heavy for you ,
then it looks like sht.