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Am I Really a Type 1B?

Hi, just looking at my neurotype results I am dubious as to whether I am actually a type 1B.

I’ve been a good athlete and played high level rugby and I have seen people that I would describe, now knowing a bit more about neurotyping, as type 1b. They are ridiculously explosive, almost as if they would be good at any athletic movement. While I am athletic and can be explosive I’m not sure if I fall into that category (position in rugby is centre if interested), but then again it could just be that their genetic limit per say is much higher than mine in that regard. I do tend to get good results off of Olympic weightlifting movements and sprints.

I also have a high type 3 primary score but for the most part I do not identify with this. Any thoughts as to why this is so high?

In terms of the total scores many are the same with 1B being higher, which is also weird to me.

Maybe you’re 2A and can play multiple roles?