Am I Ready to Compete After 3 Years of Training?

Hey there,

I’m 6 weeks out of my first regional classic physique show. Do you think I’ll stack up to the competition? Or do you think I shouldve taken 5 years of training before thinking of stepping on the stage

I think you should have taken 5 years before stepping on the gear to be honest… you’ve got a great physique at least.

This entirely depends on what your competition looks like. If competing in like Venice Beach, CA (AKA “muscle beach”), then theres probably 50+ people competing that look at least as good as you. If you find some competition in the middle of nowhere, then you’ll probably do well :man_shrugging:

Please do report back with results after your competition either way.

Can’t tell if it’s the camera angle or not, but try getting those forearms up to par with your arms. If it’s just the camera angle, disregard.

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You look good enough to see how well you do. If you plan to compete in the future, the experience you pick up will be useful.

Part of looking your best on stage is being comfortable on stage. Anxiety is one of the biggest enemies a bodybuilding competitor has.

BTW, doing well is looking your best.

When you say it’s a “regional” show, I am assuming that it is not open to anyone who doesn’t live within that region. That would indicate to me that there wouldn’t be very many experienced quality competitors. My best guess is that you would look like you belong on stage compared to the field.

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I hope I find a certain level of comfort over anxiety after taking the plunge on stage for the first time.

I’m proud of the physique I’ve built over the 3 years of training and Im aware if I want to step on a national stage I’d need a long offseason. For example, the weight cap for my height is 192lbs, I’m coming in 178-180lbs so I have some size to put on.

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I live in Canada and the levels of competition are : regional-provincial-national, basically an entry level show

You look fantastic.

You’re going to win your division. Best of luck.

Please report back.


IMO, you should compete at least yearly. The more stage appearances, the more comfortable you will become. Anxiety causes more water to be under your skin and give you a flat look. Then the morning after (the stress of the show) you will look much better.

The more often you get into peak condition, the better you will know exactly how long and what is required.

Also, you can receive some valuable feedback from the judges after the night show. I should add that there is a down side to competing often, is that when seeing some of the same judges repeatedly they will begin to focus on your weak points. They will be curious if you have made improvements in those areas. I speak from experience. I was not only a bodybuilding competitor, I was also an NPC National Judge.

You should be able to build muscle quit well in the months between shows.


I appreciate the confidence boost bro, much love

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Thanks for taking your time an sharing your experience/knowledge with me. I felt the same way about gaining experience early, Ive noticed that competition brings out a different level in myself!

I’ll see if I can share my solo.