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Am I Ready for DoggCrapp?


I want to start a DoggCrapp routine but I just read that :

"This is not for teenagers who have only been training a year or so. If you are a teenager, however hardcore you think you are, you are not ready for DC training."

Should I be worried? Or if I use the blast and cruise phase properley I should be alright?



You haven't given any information about your lifting. I'm pretty sure Dante says you should have 3 years of lifting experience before starting DC



Read this.

Bloobird: He also says you gotta know your body and how it responds to nutrition and food very well.
That will take a couple of years of dedicated lifting and eating, if you ask me. You could have been "lifting" for 8-10 years and went nowhere, and you would probably end up hurting yourself if you started a DC program (or just making no further gains).
Dante also says "no guys under 20".


Very rarely is there a teen who can do the program justice... stick with something basic and come back to DC when you are plateaud at a more advanced stage.


What i have found, if you need to ask......... then you shouldn't be doing what you were asking.

Like people who ask should i cycle steroids, or should i (fill in the blank), if you need to ask then YOU know deep down you should not..... listen to that gut feeling, its RARELY wrong.


This doesn't mean you can't adopt some of the basic principles...

Lift heavy and hard, lift in a way where you can induce growth frequently, etc. The A-B split is a pretty ancient concept. The DC two way just took it to a whole new level.


Exactly. Incorporate some of the DC methods (stretching, constant progression in either weights or reps, etc). This will be beneficial for anyone.


isnt constant progression in weights or reps the principal for EVERY lifting program? if not then i can see why DC is suddenly so effective for some people.



DO NOT incorparate stretches if your a teenager !!!!

Your not finished growing yet PLEASE do not do the stretches.


Why couldn't you incorporate the stretches? Would fascia stretching somehow alter growth?
This is a serious question btw.


You would think that, many have forgotten this and focus more on getting a pump and beating the muscle into the ground. They don't seem to notice that they are lifting the same weights they were last year(+drop sets and forced reps and super sets etc) and wonder why they are the same size.


Isn't the whole idea of bodybuiling, and DC training in general supposed to be about getting bigger and growing?

If I can adopt a training principle that allows me to continue making gains, in strength or size why would I NOT do it?

I've done the DC stretches before, I'm still alive...


Couldn't agree more. I tried out DC for the first time during my bulk from April to November and got quite good results but concluded that I'm still not ready to train all muscles "DC-style".

Widow-makers for legs are not for me. I ended up using too low weights (instead of 10 max for 20 reps) and didn't get the results I wanted. My lower back simply gave out during the 20 rep squats.

Now that I got back to a <36 inch waist I will be getting back on the bulking waggon and do a routine that is close to DC in everything but legs where I will be using more sets in traditional bodybuilding style.

Know this: extreme stretching separates mice from men!


LOl i hardly meant they would kill you !

BUt if you do the research (you DID didn't you?) then you would see there is a big HUGE gigantic NO NO to teenagers doing the stretches........ im not a big physiology buff so i will take a back seat to those more knowledgable than i on this topic.


You almost can't blame them with some authors acting like big muscles are weak. The logical conclusion when faced with that bullshit is that they must have built big muscles without getting stronger.

This functional bs has screwed quite a few people over indirectly as a result.


I don't understand what the big deal is with DC stretching.
The static stretching stretches out the fascia.

Once the fascia is stretched enough, it allows for an increase is muscular size, this to my knowledge is true.

I haven't read anything encouraging people not to do this.
Post a link to an article or something saying teenagers shouldn't DC stretch.


i remember a specific stretch dante did for lat width he refused to explain anymore, for the fear it would be done improperly, especially by a teenager who would then go and cry to his parents that "dantes routine injured me!", thus causing mr. trudel some problems. maybe thats what 300andabove is refferring to.

and to the OP, im gonna ask, did you post at IntenseMuscle, get told you shouldnt do it, then come here to get a second opinion? kinda the feeling im getting.


Are you a teenager or haven't been training/eating at least 3 years hardcore? If so, then no, do not do DC.

Like others said though, if you want to incorporate some of the principles that would be fine.


ive never seen someone curling 20 pound DBs with 20 inch arms.

and ive never seen someone with a 3/4/5 for reps who is small either.

there must be some missing link, right?

how does general fitness keep coming about in BBing anyway? i understand the difference and if youre content with just getting into a healthy weight then cool, but that stuff doesnt belong here, end of story.


I don't see how the fascial stretching couldn't be used by those who can't follow the other protocols of DC. I've never seen a post by Dante saying teenagers should stay away from it. Idiots maybe, but then again idiots shouldn't be around heavy, metal things anyway.