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Am I Ready for a Cycle?


I'm 33 years old, I've been training very hard for almost 6 years (5 1/2 to be exact) I'm 6-0 238-240lbs (Weight Fluctuates). My bench is 335lbs for 3 reps, Squat is 405lbs for 5, And Deadlift is 455lbs for 3. I've trained very hard since i started lifting, I'm not a bodybuilder by any stretch as i consider myself more of a strength trainer,

My diet is spot on and I've always eaten clean throughout my entire life, I might have a large pizza for a cheat meal maybe once every 2 months but other than that my diets is super clean, I watch my macros religiously and currently maintain a 40/40/20 calorie ratio from my food sources! I've recently had blood work done and my doctor said he's very pleased at how well i take care of myself, My blood pressure is where its suppose to be and i'm overall extremely healthy!

The cycle i was considering was Testosterone Enanthate 250Mg per week, 2 shots of 125mg each on Monday morning and Thursday night for 12 weeks, Stacked with 50mg Anavar ED. PCT therapy will be clomid for 4 weeks! Also have some Nolvadex on hand to combat any side effects from the Test e. Any suggestions from the more experience guys is more than appreciated!

Thanks Mike


double your test dose. 250mg is totally weak and you're basically shutting yourself down for nothing

get an AI like arimidex

don't run the var for the entire 12 weeks. Run it for the first or last 4 weeks as high as you can afford to run it

good luck!


I was going to run the anavar for 50Mg ED for 8 weeks.


I 2nd this.

500/wk test. 250/wk won't be enough for results.
Var for only 4 weeks
Get an AI


I mainly wanted to keep the doses smaller to see how my body reacts, If this cycle goes well i'll be adding more mgs per week and possibly some Equipose to the mix for the next cycle!


but u wont notice anything from 250...


Okay i'll work with 500mg per week!


Good choice. 250 is basically TRT dosage. You could assume it would equate to high natural Test. It would be pointless. 500 is considered the starting dose. You can go up from there on a future cycle.


How many MG of Arimidex would you recommend ED? Since its a AI it would definitely help me with any possible estrogenic side effects correct?


.5 EOD and yes, exactly.


What's your thoughts on stacking EQ with test for a 2nd cycle?


lol, it's fine, but let's just get the first one out the way before worrying about that hmm?


you can get great pct stuff from sports med doctors. All the ones I've dealt with know whats up and its doc patient so they cant tell anyone. And I'd honestly drop the anavar, and put in anadrol as a replacement and yes its toxic as hell but take a good deal of milk thistle and it would help


What? Really? First cycle anadrol. I would suggest he doesn't even take the var for his first cycle, let alone anadrol. I could accept Anavar for a few weeks but not this.


EQ is garbage just run higher test


Walkway I heard this said before,just wondering your thought's on why thanks again.


-weak mass builder
-raises RBC's and hematocrit significantly
-raises blood pressure
-undeclynate ester is very long

while testosterone has all of the same side effects, it produces far greater gains and is significantly less expensive and kicks in faster


Gotcha,thanks again.




Did my first injection last night! 250Mg next one is Monday morning! Thanks for all the help guys, started taking Adex earlier this week!