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Am I Programming Right?

Right now I’m doing periodization program consisting of the following for the day’s primary lift.

Week 1 4x6@70%
Week 2 4x5@80%
Week 3 5x3@85%
Week 4 6x2@90%
Week 5 3x10@60%

Repeat, try for 5-10 lbs more on each set.

Day 1
Olympic Squat (main lift)
Full Clean from floor or hang, 3-5 sets of doubles based on energy
Box Jump 5x5
Back Extension 5 sets
Hanging Leg Raise 3 sets
Hip Thrust 3 sets

Day 2
Bench Press (main lift)
Overhead Press 3 sets
Snatch Grip Press 3 sets
Dips 3 sets
Weighted Chin ups 3 sets
DB Rows 3 sets
Chest Supported Row 3 sets
Some BB work for Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps 3 sets of each, done as a superset at the end

Day 3
Front Squat main lift
Deadlift main lift
Box Jumps 5x5
Back Extension 5 sets
Hanging Leg Raise 3 sets
Hip Thrusts 3 sets

Day 4
Overhead Press main lift
Same assistance as day 2 with wide grip bench instead of Overhead Press

Day 5
Box Squat main lift
Same Assistance as Day 1

I’m also doing 5x5 Overhead Squats at the end of every session in order to build up stabilizers/CNS for that specific movement.

Reps and weights for main lifts are based on Prilepin’s Table for strength.

Goal of the program is to increase strength in the big 3 and explosiveness as I am trying to reach a 36" standing vertical.

Is it working? That’s what’s important. Look at each lift you’re doing on each day and ask yourself why you’re doing it. If you have a definitive answer and not just an ‘…eh’ response, that’s good. If you’re not sure why you’re doing something or you’re doing it for no reason, take it out.

I’m saying this because no matter how much information you tell us, we’ll never know as much about you as you know about yourself. Personally, I’d hate that program (my training is high frequency, high intensity singles for S/B/D and almost no assistance), but that’s no reason to stop you from doing it because for all I know it could be great for you.

That being said, there’s nothing absolutely glaringly wrong with it from what I can see, although I would replace overhead squats with light snatches, working on technique, because it will carryover to explosiveness better–the general consensus, it seems to me, is that OH squats should really only be used for assessment purposes instead of strength-building purposes. EDIT: unless you have a very good reason for keeping OH squats in your program, of course!

My max is overhead squat right now is 115. My stabilizers are crap and I’m not used to the movement at all, I just recently got to where I could OH squat comfortably at all. Once I get it up over 225 I might start working on snatch technique, but for strength is more important.

I do have a definitive answer for every lift I’m doing, so I’m assuming it’s all good.