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Am I Performing Ab Rollouts Correctly?


Am I performing ab roulouts correctly??


Anyone who knows?

If that’s you in the video, then yes, you’re doing it right.

Thanks a lot buddy, you just reminded me that some douche at my gym broke the lone ab-wheel. :frowning:

When I do them I feel it in my back and in my arms too in addition to in my arms. How come?

cause you are using your back and arms to stabilize and help you move!

When you do a pull-up, you feel it in your forearm and bis as well as ur lats (which is your targeted muscles)

As long as your feel it most in ur abs your fine

BroadRipple your exercise is good, but your not doing it completely right your starting position has to be like doing push-up (use only ends of feet not your knees for suport ) for maximum efect