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Am I Overworking My Lower Body?


I'm trying to lose fat so I am doing heavy compound exercises. I do bench press,dead lift, rows, and squats. I always keep squats and dead lifts on opposite ends of each other but after the workout I'm completely out of it. I do This 4 times a week. Would it be better to do something else?


If you are doing deadlifts and squats on the same day, then stop doing that.


if you are losing fat with your current split then continue doing what you are doing.


You can do both on the same day no problem, but it depends on the volume and intensity. But if you are doing legs 4x per week this definately wont work, and you shouldn't even do just squats or just deadlifts 4x per week.

Just try to maintain your strength, and cut back on calories. Add some cardio, as long as you can maintain your strength and get the weight down quick so you can get back to building.


You can squat and deadlift on the same day without problem, make sure your diet and rest allows it. You're right to squat first and deadlift last though.

If you squat 5x5 (for example), then you may want to only deadlift 1x5 (with warm up sets of course).

I'd say 3x a week is enough for this kind of workout though. Saying that if you can still go into a workout with max effort and add weight then it's working for you.


I kinda agree with this. But, i think the OP is an idiot for doing all of those 3 or 4x a week or whatever your doing. Split them up, change your diet, do cardio.


Are you squatting and deadlifting 4 times/week?


Yes I do both four times a week. I do each exercise that I named 3 sets of 10 reps each. My concern is am I wasting energy doing both don't they work most of the same muscles? Would it be better to do another exercise? I do whole body workout four times a week with cardio on off days.


that's your problem right there. 4 days a week is too much for anything, especially huge muscles like your legs. After a successful leg work out, you should have trouble walking for the next 2 or 3 days, let alone doing another workout. And they don't really work the same muscles, well they do both work the whole thigh, but squats work the quads the most, and deadlifts are more hamstring.


4 times is too much if you're lifting heavy.

Try doing 2-3 workouts a week, and change the reps down to 5, lift heavier weights basically.

Squats work your quads (mainly), glutes, and hamstrings towards the bottom driving out of the hole. Leg exercise.

Deadlifts work your lower back, and hamstrings to an extent, (some variations work hamstrings more), but it is a back exercise.


What about the rows and the bench press? How about this: squats, bench press, bicep curls, military press 2x a week . Deadlift, rows, tricep extension, shrugs 2x a week. Should I stay at 3 sets of 10 reps each or switch it up? What would yield better fat loss?


You wanna loose fat, what's your current weight and bf% (even guessing)? What's your goal (again weight and bodyfat percentage).

How is your diet and how has been your progress overall on this program? How much have you been doing it?

I think there can be more questions but let's keep it simple.


I'm at 180 about 20% BF. I wanna get down to 160lbs. Today is day 41 of my diet and I've been losing 2.5lbs a week steadily. I'm on low carb with only trace carbs and Surge pwo.


Are you 5 foot 2?


Honestly i'd do something like stronglifts5x5, starting strength etc, and then add in some isolations like shrugs and curls.


I'm 5' 7". 20%BF is a guess.


How long should I keep cutting for? Would I have to eventually lower calories even further?


What is your BW?


About 180


Well if you want to get to 160, then keep cutting. Its really hard to say, but you may be able to lose a little bit of fat and build muscle simultaneously if you clean up your diet and get your training in order.

I'd advice that you dont try to make your own program.

Go with something like starting strength, or WS4SB