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Am I Overtraining?

How hard is it to overtrain? Lately I’ve been hitting the iron real hard. My workout has looked like this for thr past 3 months

Mon AM- ME upper
Mon PM- 15 min Sledge Hammer work

Tue AM- Cosgroves Complexes w/20 mins Cardio

Wed AM- ME lower
Wed PM- 15 min Light Sled Dragging

Thu AM- Complexes w/20 min Cardio

Fri AM- Repetion Upper

Sat- Stongman Stuff (farmers walks,keg throwing,heavy sled drags,sand bag carrying)

Sun- Lie on couch watch football. Eat cheat meal

I’ve been very good with my diet and rest. I’ve also been supplementing with Surge,Grow!,Spike, and Power Drive as well as fish oil, Creatine Mono, a good Multi,and Greens+.
I take a week off after every 6 weeks on. I feel great and I’m seeing good progress.

Should I worry? Or does good nutrition and 8 hours of sleep plus a week off every now and again take care of this?


Listen to your own body.

[quote]Boot wrote:

I feel great and I’m seeing good progress. [/quote]

Keep it up then

Good times

It all depends… We wont be able to tell. A ME upper day could last for 25 minutes, or 2.5 hours… the latter causing you to be overtrained. Same thing for the lower, and the strongman, and the repetition days.
Do I think you’re training for 2.5 and a half hours a day, of course not… I’m just sayin’.

You didnt post how much you weigh, how much you eat, years training, roids… there are a shit load of variables that go into this.

You’re the only one who can tell if youre overtraining. Like fahd said, listen to your body. If you said you’re seeing gains and you feel great, I think you just answered your own question.

[quote]Boot wrote:

I feel great and I’m seeing good progress.

Should I worry? [/quote]


Seems like a solid program. If you are overtraining, you won’t make gains and won’t feel great.

Overtraining is largely a myth and definitely a way over-used term. It sounds nice for most people so they can justify not busting their ass in training.(most people, not you) I just read a MILO article about Bulgarian O-lifters training 3x a day 6 days a week. Even with drugs thats serious volume considering the poundages they were throwing around. The result was major gold medals not overtraining.

A more accurate state and one probably more literally experienced is under-recovering. I believe there is a difference. Always take an honest, hard look at your nutrition program and sleep habits before diagnosing ‘overtraining’. Keeping the diet and sleep in order should be priority one for recovery and therefore, progress.

Thanks for the replies! Just a little more info. I’m 6’3" currently weighing in at 244 lbs(down from 325). I’ve been training for 2 years now no 'roids. I was following crappy programs from Muscle and Fiction until I found T-Nation around 3 months ago. My current work-out is WS4SB with some extra conditioning work thrown in. As a FFB I’m alittle psycho with the diet and I found I needed to add 500 cals/day recently to start losing weight again ( thanks again T-Nation).

I was an animal at the 15th annual Turkey Bowl with my buddies from high school this year and like I said I feel awesome.
So just listen to my body and back off if I feel it, otherwise good to go.
Thanks Guys!

Yeah, I mean were all different so its pretty hard to tell just from seeing your program. Its really all about how you feel.
I remember reading that if you have a hard time sleeping after a workout then that is a symptom of overtraining.

Seeing as youre feeling great and having a good outcome…I dont see a problem at all in it. Keep up the GOOD hard work!