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Am I Overtraining

Here’s my situation… bare with me:

About a month ago, I was on a Bill Starr type routine where I was oly squatting 3x a week. After only 4-5 weeks on this program, my oly squat went from 315 to 385. My motivation is high, my diet was in check and I felt great. The next cycle I stayed with this 5x5 squatting 3x a week, but I moved onto the version in which the same weight is used instead of a pyramid. I kept getting stronger, eventually going from 275x5x5 to a strong 315x5x5. I the tried 325 and I couldn’t get it for 5x5, but I kept trying for 3 workout days straight and my performance each time was decreasing.

This is when I decided to deload. This is also the time when things went bad. I took a few days off and the next time I got back into the gym I was weak. I barely hit 365. I decided to take a couple more days off and simply start on a different routine hoping my body would welcome the change. I decided on training westside. This is about the same time when my football summer workouts started so I was lifting directly after a agility/conditioning session. Nowadays I constantly feel like a pussy in the gym. I don’t understand it.

When i was squatting 3x a week, I was busting ass every session and I had that “fire” and I was pounding weights hard. I just don’t understand where that went. I understand I am tired from the running and all, but now I don’t feel the same and I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to still be overtrained?

Maybe it’s just me being a pussy, but I know there’s more to it… this has been bothering me for weeks. I tried everything, now it’s even harder to keep my diet vaguely on track and my motivation to train and attack big weights is gone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

FYI I’m 15 years old, 195lbs. Few weeks ago I was benching 240, full cleaning 240, and oly squatting 385. Now I can barely get 315x5 if that, and I am no more close to a 240 bench.

Has your diet or sleep patterns changed recently?


Not that I know of… except now that it’s summer I might go to bed later on more days than I usually do and I no longer wake up at like 6:15 for school I wake up at 7:15 or so for football in the morning.

your being a pussy. Also if you are waking at 6:15 or 7:15, I know most 15 yr olds go to bed late at night, 11-1. So you probably are not getting enough sleep either.

this type of shit happened with me man.

just dont lift so often. the stronger you get the less you can get away with lifting crazy ass volume(my experience)

i mean think about it, can you seriously expect to put even 5 lbs on your squat every week. with that you would be (dramatic pause while i try and do elementary math haha)

~275 lbs a year onto your squat. so 385 + 10(weeks? i dunno whatever its been) x 5 = 435…thats not to terribly realistic unless you have seriously unrealized potential.

As you are 15, you could just be going through a growth spurt. Have you checked your height lately? If you have put on a reasonable amount of height, this will not only make you tired and give you less energy, it also may make your squat leverages less favourable, which would account for your max squat dropping off.

Have you changed your diet? If you are adding all these new workouts, but not adding enough calories to fuel all of them, this can lead to overtraining.

Remember that drinking water, eating enough good calories, and getting enough sleep are just as important as training.

Try eating more :slight_smile: