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Am i overtraining?

Currently I train 7 days a week.
Every odd day I run 2.5 kilometers in about 12 minutes.

Every even day, i work my entire body. I never take a day off.

Is this overtraining? if so please suggest a more effective scheduele.

Thanks in advance,

Uh, yeah, that’s massive overtraining. But I don’t think I’m gonna design a whole new schedule for you, since you can find that information all over T-mag by yourself. If you have enough energy to run yourself at that extreme every day, you can do a few mouse clicks too.

It sounds like alot but . . You have to diagnose “symptoms” before concluding this . . like: Are you still gaining? Are you in PAIN? Are you losing strength or size? Is your resting heart rate high? Are your T-levels so low (overtraining can drop them) you started watching Opra and asking advise from your psychic friends?

Well in all honesty YES!!! stop it you should have one atleast maybe 2 days off a week.If you wanna do cardio try this program.

Monday.chest and back





Saturday.cardio(maybe legs in the p.m. on fri or sat)

Try that remeber your body grows on your rest day

This is not necessarily overtraining. I’d rather see you take a day or more completely off each week, but running 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles) in 12 minutes (7:43 miles) is pretty moderate. So you’re doing an average of 42
minutes of cardio per week. That’s not excessive. The fact that it’s on days other than training days, rather than combined,
thus making for twice as many days per week
compared to if you combined them, is not a big deal. I still think you should take a day completely off though.

For example, since you may not want to reduce that aerobic volume since it’s already pretty moderate, perhaps run twice in one day, morning and evening, on one day, then not at all the next time running comes up, then once the next time. Same total, but you get a day off.

Re-reading Jim’s reply, I wanted to add some more. Training the whole body 3 times per week can work a lot better than most people today think (it’s not the current fad after all) but overall I agree with Jim, most lifters will do better with a split program that trains bodyparts no more than twice per week, with once per week
often working quite well. However, for a person in their first couple of years of training, more frequent training is better, at least twice per week.

some of the t-mag guys are very quick to jump on the overtraining by measure of absolute volume and workout frequency model, as presented by ian king. But i think they forget that you can work up a natural tolerence to handeling such a high volume/frequency level in your training. If your average person were to go out and do this program, it would probably overtrain them. But if the user who posted this message has been doing this for several months now and gradually built up to it, it may not constitute overtraining for them by any means. It may not be optimal training, but it isn’t necessarily overtraining.

Sure, nothingx, you are right. But your correct answer presupposes that the person has developed to an advanced condition over time. My theory is that anyone who has had the time and training to become advanced also tends to have the knowledge that corresponds to an advanced experience, and would likely not be the person asking a rudimentary question like, gee, am I overtraining?