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Am I Overtraining?


Been lifting 3 days a week on, Monday's I train my arms/shoulders, wednesday chest/back, and Friday arms shoulders. I squat on all days. On Wednesdays my arms are still kinda sore for from Monday and are used for bench/ rows. Am I overtraining if I'm still a little sore?



You are undereating.

What did you eat yesterday?

And, where did you get that split?


if you're sore for that long you're, like JFG said, probably undereating. It's kinda hard to overtrain when youre a beginner and your diet, training and sleep is proper. check some of those out and make sure theyre right. use critical thinking.


i've considered directly training my arms 2x /week


I was in class before so And attempted to post my traing schedule quickly. Here's what it really looks like.

Workout 1
Deadlift- squat - bench press- incline dumbbell bench- cable flyes- beng over row- chin ups

Workout 2
Squat- pull up - shoulder press- upright rows- lateral raises- barbell curls- dumbbell curls- cable curls- dips- lying triceps xtensions barbell- triceps rx tensions cable

Week 1 I do workout 1 on Monday/ Friday and workout 2 on Wednesday

Week 2 I do workout 2 on Monday/ Friday and workout 1 on Wednesday

After these 2 weeks I start over

And not eating enough is not a possibility, I'm not your typical beginner who claims to eat a ton and doesn't. Used to but have learned a ton in the 6 months ice been lifting and most of it is nutrition. I have gone from 6'2 145 to 6'2 190 in this time


Yesterdays meals

Breakfast- hash, 2 eggs, bagel with cream cheese

Mass gainer shake- 360 calories op. nutrition powder, banana, 2 tbsp yogurt , cup milk

Lunch- bacon cheeseburger, whole milk, tater tots, assorted veggies

Dinner- meatball calzone with veggies, peanut butter crackers

Mass gainer shake- same as breakfast with 2 tbsp peanut butter


Wow....3 times a week.

Don't expect much if you can't make this a regular activity.

Most beginners should be in the gym no less than 4-5 days a week unless they either have very bad genetics for recovery, aren't eating enough, or don't really want to make much progress.


I'm 6 months in and chose this method to allow mg body rest. 4-5 days would not be possible for md cause I am a full time student as well. Also I feel that the 3 days a week is perfecct for me. So obviously you don't think I'm overtraining, cause you're accusing me of under training. Is this correct to assume?



I was a full time PRE-MED student also and still trained 5 days a week and stayed on the Dean's list. I also work about 12 hours a day right now and train twice a day.

Your excuses suck ass.


One more thing...if you can't put the time, why do you expect anything other than subpar progress?

You know all of those people making a shit load of progress?

They don't think like you.


Dude no.

Eat and sleep enough FOR YOU and training 3x per week should never lead to overtraining. Figure out how much food you need to take in to recover effectively- keep adding more in until you see any kind of warning signs that it's too much.


@ bigmac thanks man I didn't think I d be overtraining with this approach but just wanted to make sure. And professor, I never said I wanted the results equivelant to many on this forum whose lives revolve around working out. I respect that but it's not for me. Im not a born genius and I have to work my ass off for good grades.

Doing well in college is a full time job for me, so don't judge people based on assumptions. I joined this forum looking for information, not drama. I enjoy working out and would like to learn from others who share this enjoyment so my methods become more effective.


I didn't give you drama. I gave you reality. I see a bunch of you guys logging on asking questions like these while completely ignoring what it really takes to achieve this.

You might as well find a new hobby if you are planning to half ass this shit for several years.

What I don't get...is why someone would WASTE years doing this half assed.

You would be better off just studying if it is that much of an issue.

Get it?

Why would you "overtraining" be an issue if your goal is to not really work that hard at this?


Quit your bitching and quit making excuses. Just about everybody on here's lives do not revolve around lifting. Professor X is a fucking oral surgeon.

Yet again, noone on here is a "born genius" and everyone had to work for good grades. Being in school is not an excuse for being a lazy ass. You have more free time now then you ever will in your life so quit acting like your life is so busy.


You are ignorant to think that working out 3 days a week is half adding. From a bodybuilding perspective yes maybe it is. I am not a bodybuilder and dont want to be. The way my routine is I couldn't train over 3 days a week because my body wouldn't get adequate rest.

Muscles are built while resting not while in the gym anyways. Many athletes workout 3 days a week and are extremely successful. As long as you put all you have into those 3 workouts you are doing fine.


I'm actually a born genius. I had to play o-line for a few years and get hit in the head so I could kill some brain cells and dumb myself down for social interactions/getting laid and stuff.

Ok kidding aside now- OP, even if you're a busy man, why not invest a lot of effort in your gym sessions? If you're getting in there anyway, you may as well really make the most of your workouts. It can deliver awesome results AND become therapeutic.

I'm a student as well and I was putting in 60+ hour weeks last semester (LSAT prep/overloaded class schedule/work/fraternity president duties)- I got into the gym 5-6 days a week, tried to make every workout my best ever, and it ended up keeping me sane. Hitting the gym and living a fitness oriented lifestyle can become a serious highlight of your daily schedule rather than a chore- no need to half ass because you're busy.


We posted simultaneously, but if you are doing the above, then you are doing ok. 3-4 lifts a week can be enough to see some gains if you really work hard, then eat and rest just as hard.


I'm not making excuses, I never said Anything about wanting to be able to lift more but not being able to. I WANT to lift 3 days a week. I'm gonna stop arguing though cause clearly it's a losing battle. Just want to leave one last comment.

This is the reason not many people are successful at working out. Those who know how to are not willing to teach, just discourage. I have seen so many people quit lifting because they join a gym and everyone who "knows what they're doing" treats them like shit. You were all beginners at one point, you weren't born with a dumbbell in your hand.


i was


No, most people are not successful because when they learn just what it takes to stand out, they aren't willing to do it.

You just proved that.

I know what will get you to that goal. You just argued that you won't do it.

So fail.

I mean, honestly, I could see if the people talking to you had no real jobs and just worked out all day....but that ain't the case, kid.

I look like this BECAUSE of what I am telling you, not in spite of it.