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Am I Overtraining?


hi new to the forum. i have been training 6 years constant and hard strength training. not so much for size. i train mma but due to injury am out of competetetive fighting for 8 months to injury so i want to bulk up and maintain my fitness (ie be a machine!)
i am 5ft5ins 160lbs lean. i cant train legs for the next 6 months till my ankle injury clears up.

my workout log looks like this:

mon: push (chest, shoulders, tris)
tue: mma
wed pull (back bis) finish with 15 min high intensity cardio
thurs: rest
friday: 45 min high intensity pad work (boxing muay thai)
sat: push (chest, shoulders, tris)
Sunday rest:

i do my weight training between the 4-6 range and use 6-10 sets per large muscle and 4-6 sets per small muscle

I alternate the push and pull work outs.

I eat a lot of food. 4000 cals a day CLEAN(6 meals a day, lotsa carbs protoen and fat about 40:40:20 ratio

I am currently taking 300mg test cypionate pw and 50mg oral turanabol per day.

what should i change to achieve my goals? should i rest more? eat more


you should read more and use the search function


Doesn't look like you over train... Wheres the leg work? No squats or dead lift either unless u deadlift on back day which i doubt.

Is it possible to over train by not including these in ur programme?

I cant imagine over training by pretty much only doing back and chest.


Troll. Bad troll. But it's funny (and sad) that this is apparently the 42nd thread originally titled "overtraining".


In case nobody saw this, it's freaking annoying to see somebody in a gym taking without knowing.

Overtraining is a physiological state, you seem to think it is the amount of work. If you don't feel run down and your performance doesn't decrease you're not overtraining. If you feel like crap you might be, but the only solution is not addressed with training.


What king of ankle injury will allow the MMA, HIT, and volume of cardio you have scheduled, but not permit any leg training? Sounds fishy!