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Am I Overtraining

I am 16 and I have been lifting for over 2 years now. During those 2 years i have put on 60 lbs. of muscle. I am going back to the basics but i am worried that i am overtraining.
My current routine is Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
my workout:
squats- 5<> 6-8
bench press- 5<> 6-8
lat pulldown- 5<> 6-8
shoulder press- 5<> 6-8
shrugs- 2<> 10-12
curls- 3<> 6-8
triceps extension- 3<> 6-8
calf raise- 5<> 10-20
My tempo is 3-0-2-0
If i am overtraining please reply. Any modifications to my routine would be nice.

Hey, 30 lbs a year doesn’t sound to bad to me! But I do think that your current routine is on the long side. Make some recommendations for you? Here goes, check out the FAQ section of this website and do a search for Ian King’s article, “A thinking man’s guide to sets and reps.” Best of luck.

Can you do more each successive workout? If you can’t, you aren’t necessarily overtraining, you are simply training ineffectively. BTW, at 14-16,how much taller did you get? Thats a pretty explosive age period for most males. I didn’t lift weights during that period, and remember gaining 40 lbs.

“you aren’t necessarily overtraining, you are simply training ineffectively” What the hell does that meen? If you are saying that he just lifts the same amout every workout and doesn’t even try to lift more, yes, I would call that “training ineffectively” but then again why have sex when masterbation is sufficient? The point I am trying to make is that most of the “younger” (in lifting experience not age) trainies do lift with an adaquate amount of motivation, it’s just their program is very poorly designed. A properly designed program should lead to increases in the amount of work done (which can be accomplished through a variety of methods) from workout to workout, without straining so hard that your eyes pop out of your head.

in the 2 years that i have lifted i have only gone from being 5’11’’ to 6’1’’. and i always train to positive failure. by the way i am not inexperienced. i am just following a revised program that was posted in another lifting magazine.

In a word to the anonymous poster directed at me, glad you agree. Poor design, poor net results, (size if that is your goal((bigger why??)) or strength, what muscles are intended for). With one simple question to oneself, "am I able to perform more work tiday than I did the last time I performed similar tasks, the answer to the question, “is my training effective” is answered. Now this can be taken to the goofy minutia level, work output, did I rest a tenth of a second longer or shorter, did I lift at a different pace, did I perform the reps with a longer range of motion??? “F” it, Staley made the most important rediscovery or application of a principle EVER. Do more than last time. I think that a lot of people still think that there is a magical recipe out there, over complicate what is so damned simple. If you cant do more than last time, change things. (Uh-oh, periodisation arguement coming!!!, rightfully so.)