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Am I Overtraining?


So I do an Upper body/ Lower body + Abs split (I am 17 years old btw and have been on a below maintenance diet for a long time)

What I do is I never do a single exercise on it's own. I pick two machines that work opposing muscles and on the rest periods I work opposite muscles:

3 x 12 Bench press (Counterd with) 3 x 12 Rows
3 x 12 Flies (Counterd with) 3 x 12 Lat Pull downs
3 x 12 Incline Bench Press (Counterd with) 3 x 12Upstraight Rows
3 x 12 Pull Overs (Counterd with) 3 x 12 rear delts
3 x 12 Lateral Raises (Counterd with) 3 x 12 Close-grip Rows
3 x 12 Shoulder Press (Counterd with) 3 x 20 Shrugs
3 x 12 Bicep Curls (Counterd with) 3 x 12 Tricep extentions

(This takes me something like 1 hour, 1 hour 15 min max)

4 x 12 Squat (Counterd with) 4 x 12 Calf Raises
3 x 12 Leg Curl (Counterd with) 3 x 12 Leg Press
3 x 12 Hip abductor (Counterd with) 3 x 12 seating Leg press
3 x 12 (opposite of the hip abductor) (Counterd with) 3 x 12 Leg extensions
3 x 25 Weighed cruches (Counterd with) 3 x 20 incline Weighed cruches
3 x 20 Leg Raises (Counterd with) 3 x 25 Of those lateral cruches (each side)

This workout takes me about 1 hour 15 min.

My Split goes:
........... ( I sometimes take another extra day to rest or a rest day between Upper and Lower).

Am I working too hard? I've read about the symptoms of overtraining and I do feel weak, anxious, (no significant gains in the past few weeks), extremely tired when i go out with friends...


Im gonna say definatly NOT over training!

Whats your diet like? If its below maintenance of course your gonna feel tired and weak, beef up those calories for a few weeks then drop back in like a month.
Also I would be doing legs/shoulders not squats/calfs,


Hmm. Perhaps you should check out the following articles on program design:



Overtraining? Hmm whats overtraining? I've never heard of such a thing! Blasphemy!!!!


And there seems to be a significant shortage of hip extension movements here... perhaps you should replace some of the leg presses or crunches with RDLs or Good Mornings.


It looks like something I did once out of a Muscle and Fitness article, you should be fine.



3 x 12 Hip abductor (Counterd with) 3 x 12 seating Leg press
3 x 12 (opposite of the hip abductor) (Counterd with) 3 x 12 Leg extensions


WTF.... why are you doing theses exercises? Do you have any injuries that requires direct abductor/adductor work? If not this machine is the single most useless peice of shit to ever be placed in a gym!!!


Maybe they are :stuck_out_tongue:
But they are just for overall balance. I want to look great naked overall.

And as for my diet, I eat like 2200 cal daily. It's pretty low I know.


Someone will probably remember the name of the two guys who said it first but:

There is no such thing as overtraining, just undereating. And you're undereating. Eat more and you ought to feel better.


If someone could puke up a program, that's what it would look like.


My understanding is that leg curls/calf raises/abductor whatnot is a waste of your time. I think it was Charles Poliquin who said you can go into the gym and bull shit on the weights that do nothing and take up your time or you can squat.


Reading a small blurb by one of the coaches on this site about 10 years ago may have saved my life (or at least my overall health). He had said he gauges overtraining in his athletes by blood pressure. At the time, I had been struggling with very high blood pressure; as high as 210/105. I had recently started taking BP meds to control it. My doctor couldn't tell me what was wrong, and at the time I was only in my early twenties. I also experienced other symptoms such as insomnia and restless legs at night.

I had started lifting at 18, following the training advice of the science projects in mags such as Flex. 3 hour workouts at least 3 days a week with every set to failure and beyond were common.
After reading that aforementioned article, I took 2 weeks off from the gym, not touching a weight. This made my BP begin to fall. I constantly had to readjust my workouts until I got it right; but when I did, my BP averaged 110/70.

I have learned that I can't train to failure, especially on high rep sets. Max efforts on 1 to 2 lifts a week never appeared to affect me, nor occasional max effort tripples. I have to keep all reps over 3 a few shy of failure.

Recently I over-did-it again experimenting with some new parameters and I am having to take another 2 week break. (Which I hate with a passion) Before anyone says I am under eating, I have been eating 300 grams of protein a day at 200 lbs over 6-7 meals.
My advice to everyone is: If you have been experiencing high blood pressure (hypertension), rapid heart rate (tachycardia), anxiety (especially at night) or feel restless, try taking a break for a couple weeks. If your BP comes down, you know its time to adjust your workout.
By the way, I have not been able to find that article or remember who wrote it.


Go read all of Chad Waterbury, Dan John, and Charles Stately. Then design or use a program. Then ask about overtraining. Then read everyone else.

CT's article on pendulum training is amazing. Cluster reps are fun.

You really should do Waterbury's ABBH I, II and then QD, or of his simplistic programs.