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Am I Overtraining?


I am 56 years old, but i consider myself in pretty good health. I lift on Mon., wed, fri, and sat.
Monday chest and bi's. calves.
wednesday back and tri's gut.
friday shoulders and traps calves.
saturday legs, forearms, and gut.

On tuesday and thursday i have started a boxing routine. I do 30 minutes of speed bag work, then 30 minutes of heavy bag work, finished with 30 minutes of shadow boxing.
Am i overtraining? Actually feeling pretty good about it.


If you're "feeling pretty good about it", you're not over-training.


Not if you're having fun.


Just watch how you feel over the next couple weeks. If you go off your feed, that's sometimes a good indicator of over-reaching. If not, no worries.


Depends on your background, for some over training, for others comfortable.

If you find your recovery is okay, and you are looking forward to your workouts, that is a good sign.

Check out the various definitions of overtraining and be alert for same, otherwise enjoy what you are doing


Your body is usually pretty good at letting you know if you are "overtraining". Usually you will experience rapid weight loss, depression, loss of appetite, and poor sleep patters. Personally, if I am not truly excited to get into the gym and bust my ass, I take 7 days and do a prehab deload. I fill my week with accessory exercises, making it a point to keep volume/intensity low, and not to do any conventional squatting, deadlifting, or benchpressing. After those 7 days, I feel completely recovered and ready to bust my ass. Just listen to your body. You'll know if you are "overtraining".


so much more important as you age, very nice approach