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Am I Overreacting?

Or, should I be as pissed off as I am?

I have a home gym and my dumbbells are 5 to 50 and 80’s. The obvious hole in my collection is 60’s and 70’s. I check Craig’s list twice a day Monday thru Friday and usually once on the weekend. I’ve been doing so for about six months.

Yesterday morning I check Craig’s and someone posted an add for a pair of 50’s and a pair of 60’s for 33 dollars. His add says to call between 6 and 10PM. I email him and say I want them at 7:30am. I call at exactly 6pm and get no answer. I called back at 6:30 and this time leave a message.

He calls me back at 9:30 and explains that someone already got them. I said “Dang! how did someone beat me? They must have called Sunday night, right?” He said “No, the kid called this afternoon.” I replied “Your add said to call after 6 and I emailed you early in the morning.” His explanation was that he got home and went through his messages and went in the order of the calls.

I seriously would like to lay a beating on him.

Should’ve left a message at 6, if not a little earlier (like 5pm). Some people don’t look at email everyday so it’s not very effective for time-sensitive communication.

Where I come from, you’re allowed to kill for that. How dare he sell his DBs to the first caller.

It sucks, but what are you gonna do? He wasn’t obligated to sell them to you even if he did speak to you first.


I thought Craig’s List was just for Pimps and Hookers?

[quote]Avoids Roids wrote:
I thought Craig’s List was just for Pimps and Hookers?[/quote]

Actually, I think the site is full of Dumbbells!