Am I Out of Line?

Hi CT,

I had a few neurotype topic questions in the past regarding 1b diet and neurotype test results, and 2b diet and neurotype test results. This was after purchasing, and I really tried to phrase my question in a way so I don’t give away paid info for free, but they weren’t answered, and after the 3rd or so no answer I started to wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

So I just want to ask, am I out of line with some of my questions? If I am I apologise, I didn’t want to be pushy or ask for freebies in any shape or form, and obviously I’m not going to keep asking into the topic then.

Thank you for all your work Coach!

I probably just missed them or was too busy. I try my best to help as many people out as possible. But sometimes life gets in the way.

I completely understand that, and I never expected you or anyone in this forum for that matter to sit and wait for questions 24/7. I tried my best to make sure my question comes across as sincere as it really is.
I know you help as much as you can Coach, often way more than one would expect. That’s the reason I asked if I was out of line, because after all the help you give for free I didn’t want to ask anything that’d push it.
If anything I ask in the future is out of line, f**k me off, I don’t get offended.

Thank you for all your great work Coach!