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Am I On The Right Track?


Well...what do you think?

Also, Is this gyno or BF?


Come on now, its not hard, there is a clear post (1st on this page) called Member Rules for Rate my Physique. If you are being serious and want advice, ACTUALLY POST THE REQUIRED PICS for RMP

OP you have lots of work to do. How long have you been training. Stats? height/weight/lifts. Not necessary but make it easier to see your current position.

Hit those arms, and get a picture of your legs up. What are your goals? if youre trying to get bigger you most likely need to tweak your caloric and protein intake. GL


EDIT* i wont rate until you have the required RMP pics posted


on the right track TO WHAT exactly?

edit: quit smoking...


Your chest looks big but I am guessing it is just covered in lots of fat because your arms are pretty small.


On the right track to lung cancer and yellow teeth, that's for sure!




why the fuck was this shit posted on my birthday?

fuckin hell.


Because it's "national day of celebration and irritation of Dixie".

Also Happy Bday bud.


This is a pic of Justin Timberlake that has been shopped. I can tell. Some of the pixels are different and I've seen quite a few shops in my time.


Thanks bud...the OP was on my bday though, now its a little late