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Am I On the Right Track?


Hey Im 16 years old and have been training on off all year. I've been reading many articles on T-Nation and starting a week ago (start of my summer) I have dedicated myself to transform my body. I am 174 and 6 foot. I decided to follow the same plan as ryan in his transformation ( http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_transformations/dialed_in ). I am trying to lose as much fat as possible while maintaing muscle.

I want that very lean/cut look. I finished my first week and really like the program. For my diet I have about 70g of fat and 120g of carbs on cardio days; on workout days i have about 150g of carbs and around 100g of fat and 260g of protein everyday. All my fats come from nuts, avocado's and peanut butter. My carbs come from wheat bread, milk, workout shakes, and oats.

Finally my protein I try to get from meats like chicken or turkey breasts, steaks, and protein shakes. My only concern is since im a novice weight trainer that I might be doing some things incorrectly. For my starting week I felt that it was more focused on getting the right weights and fully understanding the program. I did complete the exercises but I feel next week I will be much more efficient. Any comments for better or worse would be appreciated. Thanks


Diet sounds pretty good. Also probably good that your trainer started you out stressing proper form and such. Basically seems like you're on the right track to lose some fat.
Now I must ask, why? So you can be 6 foot and 150-160 pounds? Why not focus on gaining muscle so you can actually look impressive?

At 16, you already have some knowledge of diet, and a trainer, make the most of this opportunity, gain a bunch of muscle, then you can think about getting 'that lean look', when it's actually going to be impressive.


174 at 6 foot? Might want to look at gettin some size on you first before you cut. Also I'm all for variation between calorie and carb cycling but it looks like your calories on lifting days are close to double that of what your having on cardio days. Seems a bit off, keeping in mind that you are rebuilding your muscle on days you aren't lifting.


Sorry I forget to mention I eat about 2,500 calories a day and on cardio days about 500 less if I can. Should I not do this?


What I really want is to cut alot of fat and look very cut. I dont wanna be really huge. I mean your jacked but I dont think im ready for something like that at my age now. Also I dont have a trainer so I'm kinda on my own.


lol trust me i'm lean at 165lbs at 6foot and it does not look impressive. Maybe you could lean up and focus on gaining weight after. Your going to need to be at least 185-190 at 6ft with low body fat to get that lean cut look without looking skinny.


LOL that's Johnnie Jackson, certainly not me. I'm not suggesting you need to aim for that size, I'm just saying put on some quality mass, because if you lose weight now, you're not gonna look 'cut' as much as you are just gonna look 'underweight'.

As for the trainer thing, sorry I thought you mentioned something about that. Still plenty you can learn on this site, you're not really 'on your own.'


Well the last thing I want to do is gain any fat. I mean i dont wanna be grossly thin. If I can gain some muscle and lower my body fat % that would be sweet. Any tips or changes I should make? In the photo of that kid ryan in the link i posted in my first post, he seemed to look pretty cut. Id be happy to get to that level and be able to put on more muscle mass from there


Honestly if you are working hard at the gym and eating the things you said, you should be able to gain muscle and lose fat at least at first. I'm just saying, don't under eat, or else you'll stop making much progress real fast. In a few weeks you'll look better though, and hopefully then will make the decision to actually concentrate more on putting on muscle.


If gaining any fat is the last thing you want to do, you will not be able to look like that kid Ryan, nor will you be able to get to that level and be able to put on more muscle mass from there.

Sorry to break it to you, but the way to put on muscle mass is to add muscle AND fat, then strip off the fat. Now, you can add the fat slowly or quickly, but you are going to have to add fat.

At 16 year of age, you will naturally add more muscle than fat, and why waste these best-of-the-lifting years trying to burn fat so that you can get down to 150-160.

You will not look cut. You will look skinny. Maybe chicks like that look in New York, maybe not.


ahah very funny. Well i just dont wanna look like a lardo. Sorry im new to this stuff. So what would you guys recommend in changes to my diet?


More of everything you listed.


alright so I decided to up the calories by eating around 3000 and adding in more protein bars. So hope that makes it better. Do you agree? So basically for the next 6 weeks im packing on as much muscle as possible than cutting for the next 3 after that


No, no you are not on the right track.


Train hard and eat alot. Drink alot of water or milk and sleep alot.
It's really that simple.
Yet everyone seems to manage to fuck it up.


That's a little bit better, but I'd suggest trying to 'pack on the muscle' for a lot longer than 6 weeks. And as for the 3000 calories, see how that works for you, if you're gaining weight, that's a good amount, but if you're not, eat more.


LOL @ "packing on as much muscle as possible" in 6 weeks, then immediately cutting for the next 3 weeks.


You are 6' @ 174. And you want to look cut?!?! If you "cut" what body fat you had, you would seriously look like a twiggly nerd boy. What is with this obsession of looking "cut." You would do so much better if you started on a simple strength program and started gaining some real lean body mass. If you did that, you could actually maintain the same amount of body fat that you have while increasing your muscle weight, effectively cutting without having to workout like you are cutting or diet like you are cutting.

Honestly that kid Ryan looks like a bitch and if you want to look like that then go ahead but for many people on T-Nation you are starting in the completely wrong direction.


You're thinking in terms of weeks when you should be thinking in years. Lift and eat for one year, then re-evaluate. Just trust us, we've seen this too many times and a few of us have been there ourselves.

You should be able to gain a pound a week over the next year without any appreciable fat gain, possibly more. That would put you at ~225. Here's the kicker: let's say you have 15% bf right now. That's 149.6lbs Lean Body Mass and 26.4lbs fat. With the same amount of fat at 225, you'd only be 12% bf.


FML, ppl need to learn to eat, sleep and bust their ass through failure in the gym. Atm im drinking my mid morning meal (11:am here) Whish being a desk jockey with not much cash is a 2L jug of semi skimmed milk that 1000 cals 68g protein 100g carbs and 30g fat, all for £1.40. I intend to be doing the same at mid afternoon (3pmish) so thats 2000 cals 136g protein 200g carbs and 60g fat EVERY DAY for £2.80 add that to 3 big meals a day... how hard is that?