Am I On the Right Track?

Im 21 and I train 3 days on 1 off my stats are as fallows

Height: 6.0"
Weight: 168lb
Bodyfat%: 9ish
Years training 2
Bench: 185 5x6
Squat: 225 5x6
Deadlift: 265 5x6

day 1 chest and soulders

Flat bench 5x6, Inclined bech 5x6, declined bench 5x6, inclined flies 5x6, Millitary press 5x6, shoulder press dumbells 5x6 and Dips 5x6

Day 2 Arms

Seated Bicep curls 5x6, preacher curls 5x6, satanding barbell curls 5x6, close grip pull ups 5x6, close grip bench press 5x6, tricep kick back 5x6, tricept pulldowns 5x6, wrist curls 5x6.

Day 3 - back and legs

Dead lifts 5x6, bent over rows 5x6, latt pulldowns 5x6, Wide grip pull ups 5x6, Squats 5x6, calf raises 5x6 Leg extersions 5x6, Hip Add/abductor machine 3x8.

day 4 off.

I do 30 minutes cardio after all weight training session and abbs 2 times per week.

My diet is very clean!
6 meals all around 40,40,20 p/c/f
Protein from whey, chicken, steak eggs and cottage cheese,
Carbs from sweet potato, oatmeal brocoli and other fiborous vegies
Fat from olive oil, Nat. Peanut butter and flax meal.

around 2700 cal/day
Around 220 grams of protein
Around 200-220 frams of carbs 50 post workout dextrose
Around 40 grams of fat

Supps are: whey protein Isolate
Creatine Monohydrate

My goal is to be 175 with 6.5% Bodyfat by the end of May!

I will post pictures by the end of the week I’m open to any suggestions or critisism I really need to gain some strenth and muscle mass! Id like to git a little more cut! Am I wasting my time trying to do both at once or should I keep on trucking I seem to be gaining slowly and getting more ripped as the days go by but its a slow process!

You’re not eating enough carbs. If you’re a skinny, ectomorphic type with low bodyfat then you should be shooting for 3500-4000 calories a day. 1.5 - 2 Grams of Protein per pound of bodyweight would not be out of the question either. This sounds crazy at first but it’s really not that much when you spread it over your 6 meals a day. Keep eating 6 meals a day. That’s awesome. If you stay strict about 1 thing with your diet that’s out of the ordinary for most people it should be eating protein frequently.

Pursuing Fat Loss and Muscle Gain is possible but not for you. Your bodyfat is low right now. It’s low enough that you need to choose between getting leaner or getting bigger. Most people with higher bodyfat can accomplish both fat loss and muscle gain simply by getting in better shape. You’re lean enough now to prioritize one goal over the other. A Good Goal for you right now would be to weigh 190lbs and have the same bodyfat%. If you’re really at 9% and you add 25lbs of muscle and minimal fat so that you just stay as lean as you are, you will look a lot more impressive than if you got super-lean and weighed only 175lbs.

Training wise your using too much volume. Your also putting too much emphasis on the Beach Muscles. Look at how many pressing moves you’re doing. And your only Squatting for Legs? At least you’ve included Squats in your Training. So you’re a huge step ahead of most trainees.

This Article is Called the “Shut-Up” Training-Split. It’s a very simple body-part split routine. Use it instead of your routine. You’ll be in the gym 4 days a week as opposed to 6 but you’ll get better results.

By eating more food, getting adequate sleep, and lowering your training volume to more appropriate levels, the road to being jacked will be shorter. While lifting is important, what’s most important for getting jacked is recovering from that lifting so you can lift MORE the next training session. Some Athletes take steroids to improve their recovery. Steroids work because they improve the body’s capacity for recovery. So we can assume that recovery is important, especially when we don’t have the aid of steroids.

How will you know if you’re recovering adequately? Are your lifts going up? If they’re not going up but you’re busting your balls and you’re following a good program like the one I posted a link to, then there’s a good change something is compromising your body’s recovery from training.

Yes, you’re on the right track.

Good to see you are paying attention to your diet.

Your training seems uninformed or haphazard. You train chest/shoulders, then arms, then back /legs. My question is this: how do intend on fully stimulating your back when you have worked your arms the day prior? Also, how do work your arms to the fullest extent when you have worked them during the chest/shoulder session?

See what I’m getting at? that is why your training seems haphazard.

If your diet is working the way you want it, good for you.

Your training could be updated.

Look up rippetoes, or TBT, or ABBH, or some other program written by someone else that is intended for your goals, and follow it.

Ok I do see what you mean! I Should do something about that! I find that on back days its a bit of a strugle and im not at 100% Ok I’l check that out!

Should I be working out 3on 1 off or should I be spliting it up diferently?

Thanks for the Help!

If you want to work 3 on 1 off, do push/pull/legs. You can also do upper/lower and get in twice a week for all parts.

Right so you thinking like
Back and Biceps
Chest and Triceps

That’s it. On back day include both horizontal rows and chin ups. Biceps at the end. Chest day do both chest and shoulders with triceps at the end.

Include deadlifts on leg day. Ideally, back squats and a lighter deadlift variation alternated with Deadlifts and a lighter squat variation.

OK thanks I like that split
Horizontal rows you mean seated?

Horizontal could mean seated rows, also bent rows and anything on this list:


Ok I no what your talking about now thanks for the help Stu. Im gona do a complete overhaul on my training program and try push/pull/legs and see how It goes I’l let ya know how it works out!

Well I started my new split today!

I trained my back and Biceps. I used the same excersices I usually do and had a good balls to the wall work out Im gona up my callories 300 as well to put me around 3000 most of which will be post workout! I’l see how This works out for a few weeks then re-evaluate!