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Am I on the Right Track w/My Mass Diet?


Hey guys. I put together a meal plan and I would appreciate some of you that know more than I do weighing in on it as a sanity check.

A little about me: I'm 27, 6'5", currently 241#. Relatively new back to the gym so I think I can still take advantage of noob gains.

I started the Starting Strength program on 1 June at 232# and 14.5% BF and started loading creatine. In that time I've gone from 232# back up to about 241#. Gained a little bit of fat so I want to make sure my diet is high enough in calories to bulk & gain strength but not too high to let the non-LBM get out of control. The pics is current for reference.

I will be sticking mostly to PN principles. I'll eat 6 times a day and add Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery on workout days. I'm also taking Flameout and Superfood for general health.

3 meals will be solid meals out of Gourmet Nutrition, with low carb "Anytime" meals on my off days (4 days a week) and my workout days (3 days a week) will be 3 higher carb "PW" meals. The other three daily meals will be low carb shakes (1 super shake from GN, 1 weight gainer shake from Shugart's Mass article, and a night shake of 2 scoops Low-Carb Metabolic Drive).

Average macros come out to:

Thanks you all for reading. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully you made it through. Any advice is much appreciated!



964 calories from carbs is a lot for my liking. I know that for me, and many others higher fat intake equates to a cleaner bulk. Seeing that your at ~15% BF, that might not be the best fit.


Thanks for the reply, verdant. What do you usually shoot for carb wise when bulking to keep the gains quality?

I've estimated my daily caloric expenditure (based on height weight, age, and activity level) at about 3750kc a day.

I realized after rereading my OP and looking at my spreadsheet that I really should have broken up my macros with offdays and lifting days, since the difference is substantial:

Weight Training (MWF)
Calories: 4286 kc
Protein: 380 g (35%)
Carbs: 346 g (32%)
Fat: 168 g (32%)

Most of the carbs on weight training days come from pera-workout nutrition (Workout Fuel, Recovery, Starchy PW Meal)

Off Days (TRSaSu)
Calories: 4023 kc
Protein: 380 g (41%)
Carbs: 162 g (16%)
Fat: 195 g (43%)

The majority of the carbs on off days are from high fiber choices and veggies.

Yes?? No??