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Am I On The Right Track Doing HIIT Class 4-5x a Week?

They’re just salesmen for the corporation - it’s part of what made me a bad personal trainer. Clients liked me and would sign up, but I’d tell them they didn’t need a PT forever and would give them the tools to continue by themselves, where others would rope housewives into years of bullshit training where they do more talking than working.

But yeah, it’s no different than a used car salesman.

This is where I would look for a coach, and is where I was coached when I was learning the lifts.


Such good info in this thread!

Is there any reputable person on t-nation that I can hire to build out a meal plan specifically for me and weekly or bi-monthly check-ins? From there I’ll just focus on figuring out the form of the exercises on my own as there’s only a few in 5x5, but want to get my nutrition on check by a professional and that is familiar with programs like 5x5.

(Apologies if this topic might not be allowed on here)

I suggested coach because a good coach can explain all these things to you. No, I would not recommend the LA fitness guys. They are trainers and I haven’t seen too many there that I’d pay. There are online coaches, even @aldebaran can work with you remotely. I used to like Greg Doucette, but he’s gotten big and spends all his time producing YouTube content.


First off, LA Fitness is one of the gyms I go to, and I don’t call those people coaches, they are trainers. You need someone that can give you a diet, a meal schedule, tell you when and how to train, and monitor you as well as answer all these beginner questions you have. The trainers are just there to get paid for that hour and tell you what to do. It’s why I said coach and not trainer.


Thank you. Is there a directory on t-nation to browse coaches?

There should be, but there isn’t.

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I appreciate the shoutout @theinneroh.

Also @The_Mighty_Stu instantly comes to mind

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is more often helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Indeed you don’t need lots of sessions at if you’re a fast learner, but at the same time, practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. So it comes down to what can you afford and how accelerated the process you want to be.

You’re in the best spot possible: you’re like a beginner. You can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, and quite quickly. I would argue that you most likely don’t need much sessions and overview. trust the process, go at it and the results will come

I knew 90% of the things I learned during my 6 months certification. The rest was mostly because I am luck to be around among the best S&C coach in the world (France’s coach for the teams of volley, handball, triathlon, athletics) and went beyond the course.

The thing I see is that most trainers lack the flame. The passion. They like sport, they are quite muscular, they figure out, why not? But they don’t uinderstand that they should work like a teacher. never stop learning, never stop trying to be better. They think they know it all and use the same principles that they used on themselves 20 years ago and never want to experience and teach something different.

This lack of fire is what makes them being “only” personal trainers. They lack the true love, the passion. They went into this job usually for the wrong reasons.


I’ll do it. I’ll even do it for free to a limited capacity as this is something I enjoy as a hobby. Email in bio. I know a lot and am confident I could get you pretty far if you put the work in.

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Appreciate the tag. I looked pretty quickly at the original post, and I’ll give you a couple of thoughts offhand (I’m actually walking the dog before putting my son to bed-lol)

  • I would never suggest doing high intensity interval work five times a week. It can be taxing, and in my opinion you would have much better physique based results focusing on more hypertrophy work on the majority of days.

  • eating plans are only as good as the people who can follow them. Yes, I’ve been working with professional athletes and bodybuilders and competitors for over a decade now, and while there is no “Magic “diet plan to follow, intelligent assessment of your own eating habits, and how best to structure macro breakdowns for your goals, and individual metabolic needs can be integral to really seeing your best results.



Very well said, thank you for this.

Emailed galgenstrick and damn… did he over deliver! Gave a solid meal plan, workout plan, detailed instructions on all of it and overall answered a bunch of questions, in such a well explained way that saved me asking another dozen. What a good dude.

So motivating when you get support like that as a beginner, am really excited to get started next week and glad I made this thread!

Thank you to everyone for spending the time and giving their advice in this thread, I understand what I need to do so much more clearly now.


Thanks man, that’s awesome feedback. Glad I can help!


Excellent community here!