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Am I On The Right Road?

Hey, I just joined the site it is wonderful. I would like to know if I am on the right road to meeting my goal. I am a female, I started working out May 6, 2003, than I was 5’3 @ 320lbs and my max bench press was 95lbs, pull downs 30lbs, squat 115lbs, military press 30lbs.

Now I am still 5’3 but my weight is 240lbs it was 215 until I went home to New Orleans this past Christmas and when I came back to work out I throw my back out and I didn’t work out for two months. I didn’t do anything not even cardio. I am back now, started on the 1st. I have made some improvements since I began, max bench press 185lbs, pull down 90lbs, squat 200lbs, military press 70lbs. I maybe can do more because all of these I can do about 3 rep with the weight, but I really don’t try to do more because I don’t have a partner.

I can see that I am stronger but I want to get to 225+ in my bench press by this summer, I know I can but I need to find someone to workout with. I would like to get under 200lbs by July. This is a typical Monday for me, wake up at 4:30am take 2 lipo 6 liquid capsules, 5:00am protein shake (nitro-tech 2 scoop w/water) 5:20 go to work, 6:30am eat breakfast 1/3 cup of oatmeal 4 egg whites and tablespoon of peanut butter, 7:30am protein shake (nitro-tech 2scoop w/water, 1 scoop of cell-tech 1 teaspoon mega glutamine).

8:30 workout (chest day) 10mins on treadmill barbell bench press; 12 reps @85lbs-9 reps @105lbs-6 reps @ 125lbs-3 reps @ 145lbs with no rest that is one set. Then I go up starting @ 145lbs, I do one set down and 4 sets up, then I do incline dumbbell press 12 reps @ 30lbs-12 @ 35lbs-10 @ 40lbs-10 @ 45 lbs next is pec-deck flye 12 @ 30lbs-12 @ 40lbs-10 @ 50lbs- 10 @ 60lbs. I try not to do no more than 3 or 4 exercises for chest on Monday but on my next chest day I do 5 or 6 it all depends on how I am feeling.

Next is triceps, cable skull crusher-15 reps @ 40lbs- 12 @ 60lbs- 10 @ 70lbs- 10 @ 80lbs- 8 @ 90lbs, extension w/rope-12 @ 70lbs- 10 @ 80lbs- 9 @ 90lbs, cable kickbacks- 10 @ 20lbs all 4 sets ( I don’t understand why I can’t go heavier), press downs w/rope- 12 @ 50lbs- 10 @ 60lbs- 8 @ 70lbs, treadmill for 30mins I do this 3-4 time a week.

I sometimes walk with my niece in the evening time after dinner. After workout 10:30 am protein shake (nitro-tech 2 scoops w/water 1-1/2 scoop of cell-tech 2 teaspoons of glutamine), 12pm lunch tune salad (lettuce, ? tomatoes, ? cucumber, handful of shredded cheddar cheese, 2 lrg can of tune)

2:30 pm protein shake (nitro-tech 2 scoops w/1 teaspoon of glutamine) 4:30 snack can of peaches and 2 plain bologna sandwich on wheat bread 6:30 or 7pm dinner some kind of beans w/brown rice and grill chicken breast. 9pm protein shake (nitro-tech nighttime 2 scoop w/milk.

The other supplements I take in the morning time multivitamin, flax seed oil, L-carnitine, BCAA, vitamine E-C. I was thinking about taken some kind of testosterone or hmb, because it is good for fat loss, what do you think.

Do you think this will get me to where I want to be by July or somewhere close? Is there anything else I need? Do’tn mean to be so long but can you help?

Is it possible to edit your post with some extra spacing? Honestly, it’s really hard to read… :slight_smile:

Your diet and training sounds fine, but what are your goals? You mention wanting to up your bench, but what is most important to you? Strength, fat loss, muscularity, health, what? If you can prioritise your specific goals, people on this site can give you more accurate advice. For example, if you are only just interested in upping your bench, you would not want to limit your calories. One goal can hinder another.

You have obviously come a long way, losing nearly 100 pounds and gaining a lot of strength. Well done. Now is the time to set specific goals (such as you have for your bench) for your bodyweight, BF%, etc
Good luck to you.

Welcome. I would say yes you are on the right track,because your gaol is to gain max. bench strength and in fact you have. If I may critique–if your one goal is to bench 225 in 3 months from now I would start working heavier and cut down your reps. I don’t have your workout right in front of me, but it seemed like a lot of reps if strength is your goal.
Maybe go to 4-8 sets of 5-8 reps or something like that. Also skip the pec deck. My guess is that ain’t helping you meet your goals. Your protein intake looks fine, although that bologna sandwhich meal concerns me. Good luck–keep refining your traing as you progress towards your goal.

Wow, you’re strong!!! That’s awesome, good for you! I’m a beginner, so I won’t give any “advice” necessarily, but you may want to consider HOT-ROX, Grow! and Surge to compliment what you’re doing. Grow! is great and I just started HOT-ROX two weeks ago (so far, so good). I’ve read so much great stuff about Surge that I’m going to try it soon. Gee, I sound like the Biotest poster girl :slight_smile:

Also, the bologne does stand out as a poor choice - what about eggs/egg whites or yogurt with lf cottage cheese…

I’ve found having a handful of solid, dependable meals makes it easy to stay on-track - oatmeal w/ chopped apple, lf cc, Grow! & ground flaxseeds; flex muffins (homemade, high protein); yogurt & lf cc; protein shake; plus my lunch (usually tuna or eggs) and dinner. I’m planning on getting Berardi’s cookbook soon for more cooking ideas…

Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you as I struggle to military press the BAR!

Thanks everyone, my main goal now is to cut, get stronger and muscular. I know the bologna was a bad choice.

What is your total caloric intake? From a quick look at your diet, I’d say you could cut calories out to reach your goal of losing weight without sacrificing your strength goal.

I agree with the earlier post to cut your volume down, and I would definitely go with a wave loading scheme to really help increase your poundages.