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Am I on 200mgs a Week?


So this may sound really stupid but when I started my TRT, I was on 1 ML/week and it was 100mg/ML. I just noticed today that the vial I've been using is 200mg/ml and the script is still 1 ML/week (which I've broken up into E3D). So does that mean that I'm on 200MG/week? My results were low awhile back and I'm wondering if he made the change then. Last T lab was in the 800s with E2 of 35 - so I'm starting an AI to try to get to 22. If it is 200mg/week, how much AI should I use knowing that it's usually 1mg broken up EOD


200mg a week is a pretty massive dose.

anyone needing more than 100mg a week more than likely has something else wrong with their system and they are trying to compensate by overdosing on T which brings its own set of problems. AI can also only stop so much and is thought to have a bigger impact on brain levels of E2 compared to blood levels (you even if you get to 22 blood level you will be on such a high dose that you could start suffering from side effects of low E).

why not check with your doctor and get your thyroid and cortisol checked to see if they are contributing to the problem?


Were you in the 800's at 1 ml/week? If so, 2 mg/week would put you way above the high-normal range. If you are using Arimidex as the AI, it typically has a linear response, so if you double the amount of test, you should double that too. To get from 35 to 22, you would simply divide 35 by 22 and multiply by your old dose.


Yeah I'm not sure - I guess that it's my own fault for not paying attention. I know that when I first started, I was on 200MG every 2 weeks (which was 2 ML) but I changed that to 100MG/week (1 ML) to avoid the spikes/downs. Now the prescription is @ 1ML/week but the T is 200mg/ML.

So at this point, my regiment is:

.33 ML T EOD - which I guess is 66mg of T so 200mg in 6 days

I had my Thyroid tested and the TSH was 1.02 which is within "range" but obviously on the low end of it.

I'm not looking to be huge or anything, I just want to get to normal - like everyone here does. My labs were T in the mid 800s and E2 of 35. The lab was 4 days after my weekly (before I moved to EOD) injection of 1 ML and before I started using an AI.

So I guess, where do I go from here? I'll contact my doctor to make sure that this is what he wanted me to be on (he's a good guy and I tutor his son in Ice Hockey but he's kind of a flake on this stuff). At 200mg is 1mg of AI enough to pull the E2 down? It's not massively high to begin with but I'm just checking


It was at the 1ML/week but given that the Test is 200mg/ML vs 100Mg/ML wouldn't that mean that I was already at 200MG? I'm not wanting to move to 2ml/week but I was always under the impression that I was on 100mg/week (b/c it was 1ML of 100mg/ml T) but now the prescription is 1ML/week of 200mg/ML T


your TSH is not low, it is perfect.

TSH>1 is a possible problem

2 is a problem
3 is a serious problem

and yes, you need to talk with your doctor today.


If you are not having symptoms of e2 then you do not add in an AI for the hell of it. I be very cautious of this guy. As purechance said check other factors with a good dr. Sounds like hes just trying to appease you then to help you which is one of the most dangerous approaches in medicine. Who is the Dr here? Sounds like you are telling him what to do not the other way around.